Women participation is crucial in leadership role of PABSON-Sangita Silwal Ayer


A dynamic and leading personality, Sangita Silwal Ayer, is an academician and social activist.  She is a board of director at Himalaya School/College, and Secretary of PABSON Central Committee.

Having commenced the teaching career right after completing her SLC from St. Merry’s High School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. She had opened Prajwal Pre-primary School at Lagankhel at the age of 19. She also established Nile Stream Academy, Lalitpur.

Being an MA and B.Ed. graduate, Sangita Silwal began her journey in PABSON since 2060 BS as a district member. DK Dhungana and Ishwar Bahadur Gurung are the right persons for inspiring her to involve in the PABSON’s activities. She had performed well taking the responsibility of district executive committee for two terms. With the request of Umesh Shrestha and Rajesh Khadka, she was brought to the central executive committee of PABSON as a central member. She served the PABSON as central executive member for two terms, and currently she is the Secretary of Central PABSON. She is the only lady having received the highest votes in the PABSON election. As she is the only candidate for Vice President (Open) in the 15th National Convention, she has been confirmed for that post.

College Readers has caught up with her for her strategic plans to run PABSON smoothly. Excerpts:

Could you share with us your venture into PABSON journey?

I started my journey with PABSON after two years of the establishment of my school with the support of respected Sirs, DK Dhungana and Ishwor Gurung. I joined the PABSON as a DCM member and successfully completed my two tenures. Similarly, I served as a member of the PABSON Central Committee for two terms and three terms as secretary with highest votes. Our respected personalities Rajesh Khadka and Umesh Shrestha gave a good support and inspiration for growing my career. Currently, I hold the position of secretary at the Central Committee.

What do you think about the role of private schools for the development of education in Nepal?

PABSON is an umbrella organization of private and boarding Schools in Nepal. Its role is significant for preserving and protecting the rights and dignity of private schools of Nepal. It gives support and guidance to its entire member schools and works for organizing them for achieving common goals. Obviously, private sector education plays a significant role in the development of education in Nepal; so, it is considered to be the pioneer for delivering quality education. They are successful in earning trust in society in the field of quality education.

The PABSON’s role looks more important when we reckon its contributions to diminishing the drained money of Nepalese youths in the name of quality education in foreign lands. Apart from this, private schools are showing an outstanding performance in upgrading the quality of education and creating a wealth of job opportunities in Nepal. So, private schools have earned trust from the public including elite groups.  

You have ventured into PABSON journey for escalating the status of private schools of Nepal.  What are the experiential challenges of PABSON?

PABSON has come across insurmountable ups and downs and faced various perilous predicaments. And recently, it has faced the challenges created by the long-stricken pandemic. In addition, other challenges are related to the ever changing and discriminatory policies of the government. However, during the pandemic crises PABSON showed its leadership skill with the assurance and protection of investment to private investors and consolation and support to teachers and employees of private institutions. Continuously, PABSON put its step to normalize the situation by imparting education through virtual system. In my view, there are challenges in every institution, but one should go ahead by solving the existing problems in the course of time.

What are the strengths of PABSON?

PABSON is an umbrella organization of private schools across the nation whose existence is integrated with the national education system. So, all the member schools are the strength of PABSON. It is the center of trust, faith, reliance and security for all its member schools.

It is heard that member schools blame PABSON for being irresponsible for addressing the problems of private schools at times of the pandemic. What’s your say on this?

PABSON is trying its best to extend the cooperation and assurance to all the private schools. There may be some drawbacks, but it is playing a crucial role in most crucial situations, such as pandemic outbreak, earthquake disaster etc. In addition, it has been regularly preparing plan and policy for the betterment of all the member schools and developing entire education system of Nepal. Let’s hope we will work diligently to supercharge the aspiration and hope of our member schools. We expect we will be an exemplary organization for our associates within a period of five years.

What strategic plan have you prepared for strengthening PABSON upon your victory?

I’ve decided to give my candidacy as Vice-president from the female quota. Or it may be for the candidacy of Deputy General Secretary. I demonstrated my best performance in the past and I am thriving to take the status of PABSON to greater heights even today along with my effective role as Secretary of PABSON.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the participants of the 15th National Convention?

In the present situation private schools and PABSON are in a crucial turning point. So, I would like to convey the message to all the participants that they must elect capable leaders refraining from unnecessary political influences and ideologies. Similarly, I would like to express my best wishes to all the member schools for their august performance in the upcoming tenure. Let’s select robust candidates by keeping our ego and influence aside to lead the organization towards the right direction.


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