Private institutions are immensely contributing to social change, job creation and academic enrichment -Krishna Adhikari


Krishna Adhikari, an accomplished name in the education field, is the Founder Principal of Valley Public School which is elongated in 16 acres of land with state-of-the-art infrastructures. He is also associated with Valley Public Montessori and Bhadrakali English Medium School.

His active participation in almost all the activities of PABSON, Rotary Clubs and many other social organizations has made him strong in leadership.

Commencing his journey in PABSON as a district committee member of Kathmandu, he has accomplished his tenure very successful as a central executive committee member for four terms, secretary for two terms, province vice president for one term and vice president for two terms. In the 15th National Convention, he has proclaimed his candidacy for Senior Vice President. Mr. Adhikari is the right candidate for that post as has gained profound knowledge of administrating an organization. College Readers caught up with him to discuss future plans and strategies of PABSON. Excerpts:

Could you share your journey in PABSON?

I got involved in PABSON in 2051 BS. During these 28 glorious years, I have served PABSON as district committee member for one term, a central committee member for four terms, secretary for two terms, province vice president for one term and vice president for two terms. I have enriched myself with abundant knowledge while working with Founder President Ratna Bahadur Bajracharya up to the current President. So, I have measured the nerves of PABSON.

This time in the 15th National Convention, I have proclaimed my candidacy for Senior Vice President. During my academic journey, I have got many chances visited foreign countries and got opportunities to learn their education system.

How do you analyze the present situation of private and boarding schools of Nepal?

The number of private institutions accounts for 31% of the total educational institutions in Nepal. Private education has improved the education standard and brought globally acclaimed and practiced educational trends and mechanism to Nepal to enhance the quality of students. So, private educational institutions are pride of Nepal.

I have visited America, Japan, Australia and many countries where I have seen the progress and success of graduates from Nepal. In addition, the government schools have learned many things, such as dress code, discipline and able management from the private schools; as a result, private schools are showing better performances recently. During the Covid- 19 pandemic, private schools under the guidance of PABSON delivered quality education through virtual way which has been lauded by parents and international organizations. Our students have become global learners with the help of IT since they can have access to abundant materials online.

How do you analyze the role of private schools in education development in Nepal?

Actually, private school owners have contributed significantly to education sector in Nepal which has immensely benefitted their students, society and nation. Similarly, private schools are playing a significant role in generating a wealth of job opportunities. In this regard, private institutions have been successful in persuading people— the public to elite groups— due to their exceptional educational benchmarks.

You have around 30 years of experience working with PABSON.  What are the experiential challenges of PABSON?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused myriads of challenges to smooth running of private schools. The government didn’t support us to manage the human resources working in private institutions and to ensure existence of private schools. However, even in such a situation, PABSON put its step to normalize the situation by imparting education through virtual system. During this time, it was challenging for all of us to make all the private schools sustainable and ensure the security of teachers and other staff working there.

In your words, what are the strengths of PABSON?

PABSON is an inseparable part of the nation and the stakeholders in the entire education system. In the present situation, the Ministry of Education has accepted us as an inseparable stakeholder in terms of our effective role in escalating education level of the country.

PABSON is alleged to have ignored the serious issues of private schools during the pandemic. What do you think about this allegation?

There are more than 6000 member schools under PABSON. It is not easy to handle such a large organization. So, there may be some dissatisfaction among the members, but they are openly expressing their dissatisfaction which shows that they have trust on the organization. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have accomplished many important things, particularly in policy level and problem-solving. However, we still have to do a lot of work for the sustainability of PABSON and its member schools. We had been operating our regular activities for a long time in a rented building. So, currently we have purchased PABSON’s building by spending 14 crore. So, we are planning to establish a research center, training center, international-level seminar, publication house and so on. We are planning to launch a range of exciting academic activities which will definitely convince the existing members and attract new members with the next five years.

You have proclaimed your candidacy for Senior Vice President in the 15th National Convention. What strategic plan do you have regarding strengthening the PABSON if you are elected for the post?

I am planning to give my candidacy as Co-president since I am the president of next tenure. I demonstrated effective performance in the past when I was holding the responsibility in the foreign affair department. I managed to organize a tour involving a group of school principals who visited different schools in foreign lands and introduced the similar mechanisms to national level schools in Nepal.

The visitation in the US an almost European countries instilled an award-winning concept into my mind that traditional education does not replenish the lacuna of needs in this advanced world. Therefore, my priority is to ensure modern and empirical education for producing adept human resources. I will paly a role of an interlocutor that bridges the hostile gaps between government and private institutions. Moreover, my agenda is not only embedded in the assurance of safe investing but also it adheres to the principles of live changing education and pragmatic education deliverance to learners.

The upcoming leader should be audacious enough to safeguard the rights and privileges of private schools as we are aghast to dwell under a canopy of insurmountable problems. I think I am the right candidate. I believe my friends will support this endeavor.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the participants of the 15th National Congress?

In the present situation, private schools and PABSON are in crucial mode. So, I request all the convention participants to elect capable leaders by abstaining from any sorts of political influences and ideologies. Similarly, I would like to extend my best wishes to all the member schools for their amazing performance in the upcoming tenure. In fact, health and happiness are the goal of a successful life. I, therefore, would like to express my best wishes for sound health and prosperity of all the representatives of private schools attending the convention.


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