My candidacy for Senior Vice President adheres to organizational norms


Gopal Acharya, Founder Principal of Mount Glory English Boarding School, is a multi-talented persona. Having started his PABSON journey from 2056 as a district committee member of PABSON Kathmandu he has accomplished his tenure successfully as Secretary, Vice President and President of PABSON Kathmandu and member of secretarial office and Vice President of Central PABSON.

In the 15th National Convention, Mr. Acharya has declared his candidacy for Senior Vice President. College Readers spoke with him about his candidacy and further plans. Excerpts:

What are your plans to drive the PABSON ahead as you have announced your candidacy for Senior Vice President in the 15th National Convention?

PABSON is an organization of intellectuals which must be led by a group of true academicians. There should be the majority of academicians so as to fulfill our dream of taking the laurel of PABSON to greater heights. Nevertheless, there are a myriad of challenges looming over the education sector in Nepal.

In order to make Nepal’s education internationally acclaimed, the examination system needs to be improved. There are many improvements that need to be made in the curriculum and behavior of students. If we are not able to educate the students in a way that will enable them to adapt to the current technology, then it seems that we are preparing them to go to foreign lands in search of life-enhancing education. My goal is to manage all these things. Also, I have been working in this field for a long time. Therefore, since I myself am committed to what needs to be done to produce skilled workforce, I will prioritize such things to bring breakthroughs in academic sector of Nepal with our PABSON leaders.

If we assess the recent national level examinations conducted by the PABSON, we have been successful in conducting the examinations in a more systematic way than in the past. Moreover, I will make strong efforts to end the discrimination in school security, disparities between public schools and private schools, and dissimilarities between students at public schools and private schools.

While I was in the executive post at PABSON Kathmandu, I successfully completed my duties and responsibilities. I have such quality and strong desire to work for the strengths of PABSON. In this regard, I am fully confident that my pals will support me because I have reasons to suppose myself to be the eligible candidate for the post of Senior Vice President.

Private schools have a myriad of challenges in the policy making level. How do you advocate if you are appointed for your coveted post?

The current Constitution is socialistic which has been accepted by all parties. I have clear view on this matter that even when we adopt socialism tomorrow, Nepalese society will consist of various classes in which the presence of private sector and liberal economy will be the main driving factors to find solutions to various existing problems. For an example, China that advocates socialism has private-funded schools and they have tremendously set academic benchmarks.

The private schools, on the other hand, have moved forward as a complementary part of the nation and will continue educating people perennially. Therefore, I have an active coordinating role in policy related matters.

What do you envisage between two versions of elections: contest between individuals or panels at the 15th National Convention?

It’s an organization for academic purposes in which each individual member has a right to discuss, persuade and express their dissatisfaction with the issues that are ineffective, but the concept of panel brought a lot of distortion in the past. The panel should not be discouraged because it can penetrate into PABSON’s Constitution. This was not the case before. Therefore, let the contestants compete individually rather than in a group, but they need to cooperate with each other inside the organization to grow professionally.

Is there any possibility of consensual agreement on the selection of a new team?

The possibility is still there that can lead us to consensus. But since many friends have declared their candidacy for one post, it doesn’t seem to elect the whole executive committee unanimously. Their aspirations are growing. While evaluating the past conduct except 14th National Convention, there were many attempts made to reach consensus but failed. I am committed to going ahead with my candidacy despite no consensus.

If there is a consensus tomorrow and you have to withdraw your candidacy from Senior Vice President post, will you agree to the proposal?

I have to say without pride that I have not seen any suitable candidates for the post of Senior Vice President. It may seem arrogant, but whatever the circumstances and consequences are, I am a deserving candidate for the post of Senior Vice President. This is also the opinion of many friends.

What would you like to say at last?

What I want to say to my friends all over the country is that you have touched everyone’s pulse. Now, the five or seven people who are trying to move forward with the leadership skills have understood the sentiments of people who supported them. You can see the way they work. So, even if you have to go to the polling booth to vote in the National Convention, you are safe if you move forward with people who can work understanding the dogmas of PABSON, interests of the member schools, needs of students, and with a positive attitude.

On the other hand, some friends have declared their candidacy based on unnecessary indulgence, revenge and prejudice. If everyone wants, there can be a consensus. The gateway to mutual understanding has not been closed yet and discussions are going on.


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