Financial enrichment is in priority for effective stewardship of PABSON


Ganesh Babu Pokharel, Principal of Chanakya Secondary School, has spent 30 years for education field in Nepal. Mr. Pokharel’s attachment with PABSON has been since its establishment, but direct involvement as an executive district member of PABSON Bhaktapur was in 2057 BS and he has been continuously serving the PABSON till now.

Mr. Pokharel has given the candidacy for Joint Treasurer again. College Readers has caught up with him for his short interview. Excerpts:

You are associated with the financial administrative position in this organization. Could you share with us the present financial status of PABSON? 

Truly speaking, PABSON is regarded as the poor father of rich children. Many member schools’ financial status is sound, but the Central PABSON was compelled to run under a rented building for a long time. Recently, we have purchased a building for the Central PABSON office and named Vidhya Mandir. The liability of Central PABSON is around 60 million rupees. So, its financial administration has to work smoothly and purposefully to manage such a huge fund to pay the debt. I assure you that If I am elected the treasurer in the 15th National Convention, I will bring the plan to make the Central PABSON debt free within two years.

As you have been working with the PABSON for the last 30 years, what challenges have you seen for the PABSON that should be resolved by the leaders elected in the 15th National Convention?

The first challenge is to make the PABSON debt free within two years. There are many problems with educational policies which are to be solved immediately, which is another challenge. Moreover, PABSON has to work for academic excellence. There is a slogan, “Think globally act locally”; so, we have to introduce convincing programs for the holistic development of our students, which is more challenging job for us. Similarly, the fourth challenge adheres to making private schools service-driven for quality assurance.

What is your coveted position for the next tenure, and what strategic plan have you prepared which will strengthen the status of PABSON in the days to come?

I have announced for the candidacy of treasurer since I demonstrated effective performance in the past when I was holding the responsibility of treasurer of Bhaktapur PABSON and co-treasurer of the central committee. Therefore, if I am elected for the post, I will bring effective plans to make the PABSON financially sustainable.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the participants of the upcoming National Convention?

I believe if schools exist, the existence of PABSON can be ensured. First of all, I will suggest they should strengthen their institution by maintaining legal requirements and other requisites since most private schools and PABSON are in a transitional phase now. Similarly, I advise them to choose the leaders by being unbiased, judicious and visionary. I would also like to express my best wishes to all member school representatives for their robust performance in the days to come.


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