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Shambhu Dahal, who has gained more than 27 years’ experience in academic sector, is a prominent academician. Mr. Dahal adopted academic field as his career profession. He started his teaching career from the TU and gained useful experience for more than seven years. Then he joined Private College which is a Purbanchal University affiliate. Currently, he is the President of Purbanchal University College Association Nepal (PUCAN) and has been working for enhancing the quality of education by strengthening the modus operandi of colleges and the university. Excerpts:

You have long experience in academic accomplishments of PU   since you are associated with Purbanchal University. Could you share with us, how Purbanchal University and its affiliated colleges proved as the Top Notch University to cope with the challenge during Covid Pandemic?

The covid-19 pandemic abruptly affected the academic calendar of all universities and sabotaged our regular six-month (semester) programs. Both Purbanchal University and its affiliated college became indecisive at the initial phase of the pandemic. However, the university and its colleges made a wise decision to continue teaching and learning activities virtually to maintain their academic calendar. So, we started room-assignment-basis teaching and learning and online exam at the midst of the first wave of pandemic. It was proved effective, and the other colleges followed our footsteps. Currently, we have appealing academic calendar by following health protocols.

You are the president of PUCAN,   what will be the role of PUCAN to strengthen the Purbanchal University?

The role of PUCAN is significant in strengthening the Purbanchal University as an umbrella organization of the affiliated colleges. It has been working to maintain a cordial relation among the affiliated colleges and the University. We are also inseparable part of the University. The existence of one is not possible in the absence of another. So, the University and PUCAN have been working together for strengthening the quality and benchmarks of the University and its affiliated colleges.

In fact, the real identity of Purbanchal University is its 126 affiliated colleges. The university has only four constituent colleges—one in each school including school of management, humanity and social sciences, science and technology and law. Affiliated colleges have existed by their own earnings since their establishment. So, the University makes reconciliation with both affiliated and constituent colleges. We have not experienced any sorts of discrimination by the University. The University ensures our participation in both policy making and development of the curricula. Moreover, there is representation of affiliated colleges in subject committee and in faculty board. Such a cordial relationship is maintained between private colleges and the University due to the effective role of PUCAN.

Covid 19 pandemic affected almost all the sectors. Academic sectors have adverse effect due to which the quality of education has been badly diminishing. In your opinion, what should be done to enhance quality of university in such amidst of pandemic?

To be true, many problems were created due to online teaching and learning activities, particularly in applied courses in which perfect delivery was lacking. Physical way of teaching cannot be fulfilled by the virtual way of teaching in such applied courses. It is only the alternative way of maintaining academic calendar and saving the time of students. So, we should manage the classroom activities through virtual way of teaching and practical classes should be conducted physically by adopting the health protocols.

 Pandemic has been affecting academic sector through one after another wave. The first wave, second wave and the current third wave have been creating huge hurdle. In such situation, how should the college manage themselves?

The existing situation gives us ideas to develop new strategies. We were not familiar with virtual way of teaching and learning activities at the initial phase of the pandemic, but now we are fully familiar and well- equipped with it. So, the University and the colleges should identify and adopt other alternatives to cope with the challenge and to handle the situation. The efforts of one or two persons or institutions are not sufficient as we require joint efforts to identify an alternative solution to the problem created by the pandemic.

In the present situation, it is found that +2 graduates have more interest in abroad study.  In your opinion, what should be the role of university and colleges to control them from going abroad study?

It’s not a matter that the government or the university can stop them from going to a foreign land for higher studies. Nevertheless, we can control and reduce the number by imparting internationally acclaimed quality education. Most students are interested in going to overseas colleges and the parents are fueling the fire since they have the mindset of earning both money and qualification simultaneously. On the contrary, we can create more employment opportunities in Nepal so that they may change their mindset to stay, study and work in their native land. We should encourage them to develop entrepreneurship finesse from the very begging of their higher study. The University should develop and implement skill-oriented and professional courses. Moreover, the government and the University should bring concrete policy, plan and programs to control them. In this regard, the students will be assured to earn a degree and earn their fortune in their native country. Similarly, colleges should convince both parents and students that Nepalese colleges are capable of delivering international standard education in Nepal with a low investment.

Finally, what would you like to suggest plus two graduates their Bachelor study pursuits in Nepal?

First of all, I would like to suggest +2 graduates to complete Bachelor level education in Nepal. Such pandemic may break out again in the future. In such unusual situation, it will be very hard to manage oneself in foreign land. In fact, we have not yet able to convince the students and parents that Nepalese colleges are able to deliver international standard education in Nepal at the cheaper cost.   But there are such several colleges which are able to impart international standard education in both delivery and excellence. The exposure of some of the colleges of Nepal is not less than foreign colleges.   So, the students should visit colleges and choose the best one which can satisfy your need and materialize their dream.   


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