Kaspal elected as the President of HISSAN Bhaktapur


The 5th Convention of HISSAN Bhaktapur has been concluded electing nine working committee members under chairmanship of Mr. Anil Kaspal, the Founder Principal of Modern School/ College. HISSAN Bhaktapur has issued an acknowledging note on behalf of the dignitaries present at the convention for making it a grand success. The newly working committee members were elected unanimously. HISSAN Bhaktapur appreciates the auspicious presence of the HISSAN heads present in the District Convention as guests namely: Ramesh Kumar Silwal, President of Central HISSAN, Yuvraj Sharma, Senir Vice President of Central HISSAN, Dr. Swagat Shrestha, vice president of Central HISSAN; Prakash Sharma, Vice President of Central HISSAN; and Lok Bahadur Bhandari, General Secretary of Central HISSAN. They have wished for a successful tenure of the newly elected committee.

Members elected for working committee:

 1. Chairperson: Mr. Anil Kaspal (Modern School and College)

2. Vice chairperson: Dr. Bachchuram Karki (SS School and College)

3. Secretary: Laxmi Prasad Prajapati (Suryadip Secondary School)

 4. Treasurer: Dinesh Pandey (Erudite Academy)

5. Member: Basuki raj Regmi (Chanakya Secondary school and college)

6. Member: Shyam Manandhar (Seabird School and College)

 7. Member: Keshar Khulal (Kathmandu World School)

Members elected for Province Committee:

 1. Shree Narayan Yadav (Bhaktapur English School)

2. Surendra Bikram Prajapati (Vinayak English Secondary School)


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