Shanta Chaudhari chooses Himalaya College for Bachelor’s Study


Shanta Chaudhari, born in an underprivileged Tharu community of Dang, was deprived of school education in her teenage as she had to work as a ‘bonded labor’ Kamlari (in local vernacular) in local landowner’s barn. After she was rescued from there at her late adulthood, she happened to join a political party and was, later, nominated a member of constituent assembly in 2070. It was her burning desire to educate herself that helped her carry out her school education during her tenure as the law maker.

She is 10+2 graduate in general law and now pursuing her bachelor’s level studies in social work i.e. BASW from Himalaya College, Koteshwor, Kathmandu. Shanta Chaudhari stands as an epitome that overage and maturity won’t bar one to achieve the set goal if the individual is driven by burning desire and dire need.

Himalaya College, a top-notch institution rendering education for long time, has been run by the academic entrepreneurs and professionals having remarkable influence in policy formation level. The college has molded a number of students into competent global citizens who have stood successful in national and international arena. This institution has been center of attraction to students and guardians as it applies all modern teaching learning methods and appliances with all state-of –art facilities in comparatively moderate/affordable fee structure.“It encourages us for good cause and influences us to support Ms Shanta Chaudhari and the likes because Shanta at the initial classes was unable to write even her name being an overage matured student- has now achieved tremendous success and has worked as the spokesperson of one of the leading political parties of this country” says Mr. Ram Hari Silwal, Principal of the College.


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