Mission of CCT is integrated with the movement of career escalation of its learners


Crimson College of Technology is one of the top-notch colleges in the field of Health Sciences and Management.  To what extent has the college fulfilled the objectives of its establishment?

In my experience, the objectives of college establishment are based on need as well as the products of the contemporary time and situation. It had only one objective to launch BCA program to fill the shortage of IT related human resources in the initial stage which was our struggle phase. As a result, we had to bring tutors from Hyderabad paying huge amount of salary and other allowances.

During those days, university teachers were paid a salary of about 3000 per month, but we had to hire IT teachers from India by paying around 20000-25000 Indian currency per month. We resisted such a scarcity and gradually prepared human resources in the country that would replenish such shortages. Now, our own graduates have completed their higher studies. Similarly, having realized the need and demand of health-related programs we started Pharmacy course in 2008 which we first introduced as a private college beyond the Kathmandu valley. Likewise, we started a 50-bedded hospital in Manigram, Rupandehi which has now been extended to 100 beds with 30 separate beds for treating patients of coronavirus.

Currently, we offer various programs splitting in to four units: Bachelor of Engineering, Crimson Hospital, Crimson Pharmacy, and Crimson Technology and Management College with all sorts of physical infrastructures. Similarly, we have created direct job opportunities to more than 500 skilled human resources, and we ensure that most people get indirect employment privileges. Our graduates have high demand in banking and health sectors. So, I am fully content with our academic journey and think that almost all our objectives have been fulfilled.

Crimson College of Technology has accomplished grand achievements in the field of health and management education.  Which field will be the benchmark of legacy of Crimson College of Technology in the days to come?

We will run both IT and health science as separate entities. Our mission is to enlarge the existing hospital up to 200 beds and launch new programs of health science, such as BSc. Nursing and M.Pharma soon after completing all official procedures. In addition, we are working on to establish Crimson College as an ideal center for health education. For this purpose, a tender and other necessary process are being carried forward to construct the infrastructures.

Medical council has not been successful in handling the entrance exam smoothly for medical science aspirants. Due to this reason, most students are facing a huge problem. In your view, what could be gateway to existing barrier?

Adopting one door policy for the entrance exam is the praise-worthy work of the council. But the council has understood merit exam as a license exam. In fact, there are some criteria in ten-plus-two results to involve students in the entrance exam for medical study. But the medical council has not taken any concern about it and has treated entrance exam as a medical license assessment. In fact, the entrance exam is just a formality of accepting candidates eligible for pursuing medical science but not the status of pass or fail. The medical council should understand that passing the entrance exam is not a process of pursuing medical course but the acceptance of the eligibility for studying medical science and enlisting them into a merit list.

Crimson College offers a range of courses of health science, management, and science and technology that are offered by other colleges too. In this situation, why do you claim that students should pursue these courses in your college?

Crimson College of Technology has some unique features which distinguish it from others. It has sufficient and spacious physical infrastructures equipped with modern amenities. Our faculty of teachers is dedicated to advanced teaching, and they are experts of the related fields of teaching. There is an appealing modus vivendi among the efficient, visionary management team, students and teachers. Similarly, the college has formed a counseling team ensuring the representation from each class. We don’t dictate the students rather we cooperate with them.

Likewise, our college graduates have demonstrated their outstanding performance in the job market as well as in the field of entrepreneurship. Due to these reasons, Crimson College of Technology can be the best destination to crystallize the dream of every career hopeful.

What are the prospects of these courses in the job landing sector? What are the parameters of quality education that your college boasts of?

We produce Health and IT related human resources that have global demand today and tomorrow. The pandemic has created more opportunities for health-related human resources. We groom our students to exist in the real world. They are well-trained and are motivated to develop entrepreneurship and professionalism in a full-fledged way. Our focus is on escalating the creativity and research capabilities of the learners. So, our parameter of quality measurement encapsulates the performance of the graduates in real life and in their professional careers.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic created maelstroms and turmoil against smooth running of institutions, what strategic plans have you made to cope with such pandemic and other unprecedented epidemics that are likely to put a chokehold on the personal, economic and social growths in the future?

We have learnt a life-changing lesson from the pandemic that there are a plethora of alternatives to cope with any challenges. As a result, we incorporated technological advancements in our virtual teaching and learning activities. A few children felt a great difficulty to comply with virtual education due to their tiny age, but for the higher-level students the technology brought about a revolutionary transformation in their mindset and adjustment with the technological marvels. Although we focus on physical teaching and learning activities which are more effective and convenient, we are equally prepared to adopt an alternative way to facilitate our teaching and learning activities, which is the proper use of virtual platform.

How do you analyze the programs and stewardship of the Pokhara University and what is the role of OPEN to systematize and run the University programs smoothly?

Pokhara University has geared its pace to reach greater heights in terms of deliverance of educational services and establishment of proper management. OPEN, as a stakeholder, will closely cooperate with the University for upgrading the quality and operate in a systematic way. Our role is significant since we cooperate with the University’s appropriate policies and vision. Also we always cooperate with the University to introduce market demanded and timely updated courses as well as private institution friendly policies.

What message would you like to convey ten-plus-two graduates?First of all, the graduates should figure out their dream and then destination as per their aptitude. My advice for those graduates is that they should choose a field for their higher studies based on their interest and capabilities. In my view, receiving education becomes worthy of success when it enables them to understand human values and contribute to humanity. So, I suggest they should not be content with false promises or guided by bad influences rather they make a decision based on their own cognition underpinned by inner talents and interest. Your investment should carve out a path to a succes


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