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Valley State College, affiliated to Pokhara University, is one of the top-notch business colleges in Nepal, especially for BBA program. It was established with the motto of catering business mindset to the course enrollees. The college is moving ahead with the philosophy, “shaping the business mind “. So, the college focuses on developing an ordinary student into a very competent and adroit scholar who will admire his own decision before embarking on his/her professional career upon graduation.

Baburam Khanal is the Principal at Valley State College. He has expressed his views with College Readers. Excerpts:

Valley State College offers BBA program which is also offered by other colleges. Why do you emphasize that students should join this college for BBA studies?

Valley State College is run by a team of experienced faculty members and business professionals. It focuses on crystallizing the passion, courage and practical qualities required by students either to be successful managers or entrepreneurs with rationale ethics and honesty through highly competent, dedicated, and renowned instructors. We encourage the students to be job creators rather than job pursuers. These are the reasons that corroborate our claim to be an ideal place with excellent academic benchmarks. So, we invite them to be a part of such a phenomenal learning center.

How are the prospects of this program in job landing sector?

The program has globally scope and multiple fields from the perspective of job landing sectors. The MBA graduates can seize more opportunities as their demand is high in the global market. So, we primarily focus on the transformation of our graduates from learners to competitively prospective entrepreneurs.  

There are two types of student groups: job seekers and job creators. What type of group of students is given high priority by your institution?

Needless to say, our priority is to produce job creators rather than job pursuers. The college management strongly believes that effective transformation of knowledge and skills to students is necessary in producing creative, visionary and honest professionals and entrepreneurs. We transform knowledge and skill of our leaners through subject experts, enthusiastic professional teachers and researchers. Our focus is to produce such human resources that can respond to a future global need. We groom students by tailoring such devices and programs which help them in conquering achievable as well as challenging goals for them. In fact, they enroll in our college with an aim at getting good jobs after their graduation, but most of them are summoned with the vision of being successful entrepreneurs to contribute to the nation by creating exuberant employment opportunities to the others too.

What are the welcoming and appealing features of Valley State College?

Valley State College is a center for academic excellence, particularly for BBA education. The college focuses on practical and proactive orientation through workshop, paper presentation, field work and internship. Similarly, the focus is on the development of leadership and communicative skills in the learners. It has managed to recruit a team of highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced teachers and organize frequent guest lectures facilitated by renowned professionals. The college gives equal priority to a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities with a view of inculcating knowledge, skill and efficiency to face real life challenges. In addition, it regularly pledges scholarship schemes to deserving students. The college has rich physical infrastructure equipped with modern and advanced equipment. It has a resourceful library with recent reference books, journals, magazines and papers and advanced computer lab with cutting-edge computers, multi-media, OHP, unlimited access to internet and so on.

The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled us to adopt online classes again after reinstating physical classes. We are not sure about the pandemic that will disappear permanently. What are your plans to move ahead amid such unprecedented pandemic and epidemic threats and crises in future?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about some positive impacts despite many repercussions in human lives. We have searched positive points to combat against pandemic crises and introduced digitized system to the educational sphere. It opened multiple gateways not only to interact with the world’s renowned professors and educationists also brought all the private sector’s educationists together to cope with the challenges in unison. It brought about a paradigm shift in the academic atmosphere. Now, we are well-trained to operate virtual platforms and carry forward our academic activities virtually. So, if any kind of pandemic breaks out in the future, we are fully capable and prepared to outweigh its crises with alternative means and resources.

In your experience, what are the strengths of management programs of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University is trusted well across the country for management studies. The administrative and managerial teams are visionary and far sighted. The university has a master plan to establish research cell in every college as well as ambitious plan to establish international research center. Moreover, the University equally treats its constituent and affiliated colleges.

What message would you like to convey to the graduates of ten-plus-two programs?

First of all, I convey my message to the bachelor’s level aspirants and urge them to choose a field that interests them most and then enroll in a college that can fulfill their dreams and necessity and help them solidify their surmise. If the students choose management education as their field of interest and career development, Valley State College can be the best place for BBA studies.


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