Engineering education has earned sterling benchmarks


College of Engineering and Management (COEM) — which is located in Shitalnagar, Nepalgunj, Banke — was established in 2013 AD by a team of qualified and highly dedicated engineering professionals with the mission “To Provide Quality Education for Leadership”. The college has its own state-of-the-art infrastructure incorporating all the essentials of world-class education. It is affiliated to Pokhara University and offers BE Civil and BE IT, affiliated to Pokhara University.

Bed KC is the Director at College of Engineering and Management (COEM). The college, with its motto, “A Journey of Excellence” ensures the quality education through the success of its confident students. Excerpts:

In your opinion, why should engineering education be studied in Nepal?

Every country develops curriculums by analyzing the need of the nation. In the context of Nepal, curriculum for engineering education has been prepared to fulfill the need of the nation. It is prepared by covering the need of the nation and focusing on the global market. Students who study in Nepal can easily pass the license exam conducted by the Engineering Council, Nepal. Similarly, they can easily enter into the government service since they have studied about Nepal and Nepalese context. Another reason for studying in Nepal is that it is cheaper than studying at a foreign university/ college. Since we can get the same standard of education in our own country at a low fee structure, it is not relevant for going to a foreign country in the name of quality education.

In your opinion, are engineering colleges of Nepal able to meet international standard in their education impartation?

I am fully confident that Nepalese engineering colleges are able to impart international standard quality education in Nepal. We are able to provide international standard physical facility and faculty members in our country. Our products are competitive in the world market. They are showing their jaw-dropping outstanding performance in both job landing sector and higher studies in any country of the world. It is the strong proof that Nepalese engineering colleges are able to impart globally accepted and venerated standard quality education.

It is rumored that the dropout rate in engineering education is appalling. In your opinion, what are the major reasons behind this?

Students, who wish to be engineers in future, should have strong academic background for engineering education. They should have strong command over science and mathematics. Similarly, they should have strong desire and confidence to be engineers in the future. If colleges admit eligible candidates through a rigorous process, the drop-out rate of students in engineering will automatically plummeted.

What are the unique features of College of Engineering and Management?

College of Engineering and Management is affiliated to Pokhara University. It has been established at local level to satisfy the need of students wishing to become engineers. We have managed to dispatch two batches of civil engineers with outstanding results. The faculties are highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and hardworking. We invite experts of concerned fields to our college as visiting professors. The fee structure is relatively lower than that of other colleges. Regarding physical infrastructure, we facilitate ultra-modern buildings with ample educational facilities, such as well-equipped lab, well-stocked library and well-furnished classrooms.

How is the performance of your products in the global market?

We have just produced the second batch and very soon we are going to produce third batch in civil engineering. All our products are showing outstanding performance in job landing sector and higher studies. The students wishing to get involved in jobs or entrepreneurship are happy with their qualifications and skills. Some of them have secured their presence in government, especially in Public Service Commission, and some of them have entered into the service of the local level government, such as municipality and rural municipality. Since the feedback is positive regarding our products in their job landing sector, we can say that the performance of our product is excellent.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?College of Engineering and Management has been established with the aim at providing engineering education at local level with low fee structure along with ample facilities that each student avails at college in the process of gaining life-enhancing skills. So, I suggest that students should not go to Pokhara or Kathmandu


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