Camad collegiates are prepared to be harbingers of social, economic, and academic transformation

Camad College is a premier institution for higher education that offers BBA and BDevS programs in affiliation to Pokhara University.   Ram Sharan Tripathi is the Principal at Camad College. With more amenities and priorities to quality enhancement, the college has been shifted to a more convenient building at Tinkune, Kathmandu.

Why do you think students should study Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor’s in Development Studies (BDevS)? Could you tell us precisely about the distinct features of Camad College?

Camad College has many specific features. First of all, the academic environment is tranquil and appropriate for teaching and learning endeavors. We offer education from well-qualified PhD holder lecturers. In addition, multimedia is compulsorily used in classrooms activities for effective teaching and learning activities, especially for presentation, group discussion and field visit, which are integral parts of our tutoring. We have maintained a triadic relationship among the students, teachers and the management team.

Our BBA and BDevS are globally recognized courses. After completing these courses, no students have been found dilly-dallying in pursuit of jobs. In fact, Bachelor’s in Development Studies (BDS) is an interdisciplinary course. It interlinks the development and management. It is a perfect blend of social sciences, such as sociology, economics and management. Our graduates are actively engaged in NGOs, INGOs, UN programs etc. So, none of our graduates are in shortage of job opportunities.

Camad College is well-equipped and aesthetically laid out to assist students to become an important part of the society. They are trained to identify challenges, convert those to opportunity and apply their technical and human skills to excel in their job prospects.

Within a short span of time, the institution has been established as a leading institution in producing qualified human resources in the field of management and development sectors through its incomparable quality education and enhanced capacity of individuals that are galvanized to contribute to holistic development of the nation.

How do you analyze the scope of BDevS course in both national and global settings?

Since we know Nepal is an underdeveloped country in terms of its economic capacity, PCI measurement and HDI index. In this regard, we must work diligently to escalate its socio-economic status. This course produces skilled human resources required for socio-economic development of the country.

Where can we see this college after some years?

We have made a lot more improvements in the recent times compared to our struggling phase of the past, and we are still in the path to making further improvements in its quality delivery as well as development of physical infrastructures. We have formed a master plan committee and an academic committee to formulate and execute appropriate academic policies and programs. In addition, we are intending to launch additional programs, such as BBA, BHM, BBA BI, BBA TT and MBA in near future. We can assure you that we will be the best college in Nepal for management education very soon.

How do you assess the existing acclamation of Pokhara University, and what should be done by the University to carry forward the courses more effectively?

Pokhara University is a pioneering institution delivering the market demanded courses.  It has adopted the changes and reached its greater heights of service delivery and proper management. The University should give more focus on research and publishing by being more dynamic to adopt the global changes. 

The University established an amicable cooperation with OPEN and treats all the affiliated and constituent colleges equally. The management and administrative team, such as VC, Rector, Dean and Controller, etc. of the university are visionary and possess far-sightedness.

It has been scary to analyze the threats and crises of the Covid-19 pandemic that impacted our regular teaching and learning activities adversely, and it has now obliged us to reinstate our teaching endeavors virtually which shows that it’s not going to be swept away completely soon, and it may reappear repeatedly in the future as a new variant. What is your master plan to cope with such a situation in the days to come?

The Covid-19 pandemic made an advent of both opportunity and challenge in human lives. Although it compelled us to introduce a virtual way of teaching and learning activities and evaluation, which is considered to be optimistic, it brought about adverse effects in our social involvements, academic sphere and financial considerations. Since the pandemic is transmitting in a cyclic form, it may appear repeatedly in the future. In this regard, we are planning to adopt IT friendly education when needed, and physical classes in normal situations during the pandemic; however, we are also intending to run virtual classes during adverse circumstances. In such a state of quandary, the provision of both physical and virtual classes should be kept in consideration reckoning the situation.

What message would you like to convey to the ten-plus-two graduates wishing to pursue a rewarding course in the bachelor level?

Students should not be influenced by false promises of any institutions rather they should decide themselves by visiting the college and observing its academic and non-academic atmospheres.

I believe that good college is built with the efforts of great minds. The people with positive mindset make a college great. So, whether you are a prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, parent, neighbor, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are always valued and appreciated. Why not visit our college and witness jaw-dropping facilities you can avail of upon your enrolment?


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