Ritz College will give students perfect espousal to their path to award-winning careers


Ritz College of Engineering and Management, affiliated to Pokhara University, was established with the aim of imparting market demanded management education. Currently, it offers BBA, BHM, B.E Civil and a series of knowledge thriving activities in technologically and physically rich environments.

Tulsi Ram Rijal is the Principal at Ritz College of Engineering and Management. The college aims at delivering market sought education in the changing paradigms. He claims that the undergraduate program prepares every student for a stable career. The college has spacious physical infrastructures and congenial academic environment to learn and inculcate modern teaching and learning activities. Excerpts:

To what extend has the the college fulfilled the objective of its establishment?

Ritz College was established with a wider concept of developing it as a private level university. Similarly, we are expecting to launch need-based programs, such as agriculture. However, we have not yet met our objective in a full-fledged way. But the programs we offer here have met all the criteria to fulfill our objective. In spite of the fact that we’ve fulfilled some of our objectives, we have to do a lot more and better in the days to come.

Ritz College of Engineering and Management offers BBA, BHM and Civil Engineering programs which are not so distinctive from the courses that other colleges offer. In this regard, how appropriate is your claim to be distinctive from others and why do you think that students should get enrolled in your college for their award-winning careers?

Ritz College of Engineering and Management offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) and Civil Engineering programs, affiliated to Pokhara University. These highly valued global degrees prepare students with sound knowledge and skills to be self-reliant and to embark on a rewarding career. BHM has a wider prospect in tourism sector. The BBA program also has global scope in the field of management. Similarly, civil engineers have high demand in the construction sector.

We understand individual differences and respect the value of each of them as a unique and potential individual to transform them to be a thoughtful and responsible leader in the diverse areas of society and global employment market. The college enables students to have abundant access to technological, advanced physical and academic facilities. These infrastructures are required to conduct a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. A provision of guest lecturers for transferring deep knowledge to students is another beauty of our college. We groom them well and make them experienced with direct exposure to the real market of the related industry and equip them with the skills to work professionally globally. Ritz guarantees extremely promising educational outcomes and professional career as well as job entailments. The college is run by the eminent and experienced professionals who are always devoted to building up the career of the aspirants. These are the reasons why I claim that Ritz College is an appropriate place for studying these courses.

How are the prospects of these programs in job landing and career building spheres? What are the phenomenal achievements of your college graduates  in the global market that you feel proud of?

These programs have widespread scope in job landing sector globally as well as wider prospects in entrepreneurship world. Civil engineering-related human resources are still scarce in the market, especially in the construction sector. Regarding our college, we have signed an MOU with banking & financial institutions, food & hospitality industries, and engineering companies. We transform theoretical knowledge and skills of students into jaw-dropping outcomes through subject experts, enthusiastic professionals, visiting professors and researchers and groom them as per the demand of the global market, thus making them able to handle all sorts of conundrums themselves. Due to these reasons, all our graduates have been involved in either high scale paying job or have started their own businesses. They are globally saleable upon their graduation since they are well-trained during their learning period.

The Covid-19 crises obliged us to comply with online classes immediately after reinstating the physical classes. In such horrendous maelstroms we are not sure that the pandemic will end soon. So, what is your strategic planning to go ahead conquering unprecedented challenges in the days to come?

We have had a long experience of face-to-face teaching and learning activities from Gurukul education till today. Traditional western model education is also face-to-face system. But the Covid-19 pandemic severely affected us and taught us lesson to adapt to technology to facilitate alternative way of teaching and learning activities. As a result, we introduced online and distance learning as alternative teaching and learning activities. It is considered a paradigm shift in education system in Nepal. We tried to explore positive sides of the pandemic and introduced the digitized system of teaching and learning activities. So, in my opinion, virtual education system may not be able to completely replace the traditional system, but I am sure that it can be the best alternative to physical or face to face education system. Now, we are well-trained in virtual way of teaching and learning activities. So, if any such kind of pandemic breaks out in the future, we can perfectly comply with preventive measures and will be fully capable of taking up the virtual teaching and learning system to greater heights resulting in witnessing a marvelous result of our endeavors.

In your experience, what are the traits of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University has the timely-updated and advanced curriculums which can be compared with the curriculums of the world’s renowned universities. The curriculums encapsulate contemporary issues, and they can address the demand of the global market. In addition, Pokhara University is the pioneer in terms of semester system that incorporates international evaluation system. Besides, the administrative and managerial teams are visionary and far-sighted. Not only this, the University focuses on research-oriented and market-demanded teaching endeavors. The appealing benchmark of Pokhara University is that it carries the ethics of outstanding education deliverance and market together linking them with each other, which is the need of the present world.

Finally, what suggestions would you like to give the students who are desperate about their further studies in bachelor level?

Although we are striving amid the threats of the pandemic in search of a long-term solution without having the assurance of the end of the pandemic, it is the right time to choose a right path of career building seriously. So, I convey my message to both parents and students to select the best institution to embark on their further studies. Ritz College can be the best resort for moulding your career and giving it a perfect shape. You will find a satisfying ambience of learning at the college, and you will be guided further by our experienced faculty of teachers. In this regard, I assure you that Ritz College will give you a perfect espousal in your path to seizing an award-winning career.


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