LA Grandee offers multiple course choices in health science, management and IT spheres as blend of national and international standards


Established in 2000 AD, LA Grandee International College has completed 21 years of its academic journey with continuous legacy of imparting world class education. LA Grandee, in affiliation with Pokhara University, is offers BCA, BBA and BPH courses.

Er. Kiran KC is the Principal at LA GRANDEE International College. The college graduates have performed their marvelous achievements in their job landing sectors as well as higher studies in Nepal and beyond. Er. KC adds that the college has brought about huge transformation in use of techniques and technology in the academic sphere.

LA Grandee International College offers BCA, BBA and BPH courses which your contemporary institutions offer too. Why do you think the students should study these courses at LA Grandee?

LA Grandee International College offers health science, management and IT programs. These three entities are very important fields of everyday life. Health Science is a market-sought program since it is needed to live a healthy life. Similarly, management is required for every sector for its smooth management. Likewise, IT is essential for the entire sector to make its work easier and more comfortable. The curricula of Pokhara University are of international standards and our delivery is practical-based. We have adopted international standard and modern method of pedagogy to deliver the content linking them with professional practice.

Our graduates have demonstrated their outstanding performances in the job market as well as in the field of entrepreneurship. Due to these reasons, LA Grandee International College can be the best destination for bachelor’s degree aspirants to crystallize their academic dreams.

What are the prospects of these programs in the global market in terms of employability of the graduates?  

The curriculum is competitive, and its delivery adheres to international standard. Our graduates have held leading positions in the various organizations and business houses within and outside the country. Many of them have achieved a huge success in entrepreneurship.

Since brain-drain is a severe problem in the Nepalese context, how is your analysis of these horrendous circumstances? What should be done to dwindle the number of students going to foreign lands for their higher studies?

Brain-drain has been an acute problem for the developing countries like ours. It is because of a lack of opportunities within a country. So, educational institutions and the government both should play a significant role to cope with the existing and forthcoming challenges. The government should introduce proper policies for proper management and placement of human resources within the country by creating jobs. Similarly, educational institutions should provide life-skill education by analyzing the global market. And those institutions should collaborate with a considerable number of companies and enterprises and should prepare required human resources that can fulfill the requirements of such organizations.  On the other hand, the University should prepare such curricula that can fulfill the current demand of the market.

The Covid-19 pandemic compelled us to adopt online classes replenishing the physical way of teaching and learning activities. Yet, we are not sure about its disappearance completely soon, but we have forcefully come to normalcy of our regular tutoring. What are your plans to move ahead amid such unprecedented pandemic and epidemic threats and crises in future?

In my perspectives, we can do nothing without technology in the present circumstances. Most of us think that only physical way of teaching and learning activity is effective to transfer pedagogical contents, but such mindset should be changed immediately as the world is changing the teaching and learning paradigms every moment.  The courses should be revised and made techno friendly as far as possible. The courses, which are not possible to deliver via online platforms, should be delivered physically. We have acquired a great epiphany from the pandemic that it is always essential to introduce an alternative way to cope with such challenges, such as online delivery of education. We, therefore, have adopted the use of advanced technologies in education sphere which has brought about a revolutionary transformation in the ways we would use and do as we always set priorities to physical ways of teaching in our institution. However, we should be prepared to conduct both physical and virtual ways of teaching.

How do you analyze the stewardship capabilities of Pokhara University and its programs and what should be done to run the existing programs more smoothly?

Pokhara University is the pioneer in delivering the market-sought courses and qualifications. It has embraced positive changes which are required to deliver proper service and maintain excellent management.  The University should give more focus on research and publishing as and become dynamic to accept and implement the global changes.  

What message would you like to convey the ten-plus-two graduates wishing to study a bachelor course either in foreign land or in their native land?

The students should change their mindset towards seeking an enrolment in foreign universities for undergraduate level studies and should be aware of the unpleasant consequences of going to a foreign land in their immature age. A large number of colleges offer outstanding undergraduate level qualifications in Nepal at affordable fee structure. LA Grandee International College is an ISO certified college that has been delivering international standard education since last two decades setting priorities to globally acclaimed courses and qualifications. More specifically, we have retained academic excellence as our benchmarks in an amicable environment. Our college secures a place in the Top 10 institutions of Nepal in terms of our results and course choices. So, I suggest students choose LA Grandee International College as their ultimate learning center for solidifying their dream.  


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