Computer Information System(CIS) assimilates management into information technology which is invaluably rewarding

Pokhara College of Management (PCM), affiliated to Pokhara University, was established in 2002AD with an unwavering dedication to develop well-educated, confident, creative and adaptive Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) graduates who will be able to make an impact on an organization’s strategic capability and competitive privileges. The goal of PCM is to provide affordable quality education to the aspiring young generation that can become the catalysts of societal reforms. Therefore, PCM motto adheres to ‘Enter to Learn — Go Forth to Serve’.   Dr. Chaitanya Raj Adhikari is the Principal at Pokhara College of Management. The college offers Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor in Computer Information System (BCIS). The BCIS assimilates two powerful disciplines: management and information technology. When a graduate earns a BCIS qualification, s/he is equipped with both managerial skills and technological prodigies. To complement this precious college of human resources, the college uses high-tech educational facilities, a resourceful library, modern computer laboratory, well-furnished classrooms and an environment which encourages innovative learning at individual level. Dr. Adhikari has shared his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

To what extent do you think that the objective of the establishment of college has been fulfilled?

Pokhara College of Management was established to impart quality education and prepare business graduates of high caliber. So, we believe this objective has been fulfilled. Now, it is an exemplary institution of management education not only in this region but also amid Pokhara University affiliated colleges. However, its objective of witnessing a rapid growth and expansion is yet to be accomplished due to some unrealistic provisions of the university. 

What are the distinct features of PCM? Can you share with us the unique things available here that have established your institution as a distinctive learning center?

The first and foremost unique feature of PCM is its unique culture of keeping students at the center. Education and the holistic development of students are the priorities of PCM. We facilitate the students with cultural practices that strengthen their understanding of their own culture meticulously. In addition, we instill in the minds of students that social service is a part of human life. The board of directors and the whole management team are aware of the fact that PCM’s primary goal is to educate students well and motivate them to serve the society. Another promising feature incorporates support to the students to expose their talents and gain experience of a diverse culture. We believe that a student having inclination to singing can pursue his career in singing which can be underpinned by management skills. In this regard, s/he doesn’t have to run a grocery shop. 

The other features include good learning environment, qualified teachers, cutting-edge technologies and appealing physical facilities.

Where can we see this college in the near future?

As principal, I see this institution grow in two ways: running technical courses in bachelor’s level, and introducing management courses, including MBA, in master’s level. Whenever necessary, we expand its programs as per need and demand of time and consumers. 

How do you set priorities to help students excel in their learning endeavors?

Priority arises from necessity and it is realized that our efforts reflect on the performance of students including their gained knowledge, skills and positive mindset. As I already said, our sole focus is on students, and we, therefore, care them individually and help them with assistance wherever and whenever they need. We have no other priorities than student’s achievements; therefore, all our efforts, dedication and diligence are transferred to the learners.

 In your view, what things should Pokhara University improve for its better academic upshots?

Regarding this subject, I already raised my concern in the past which has been published in Adarsha Samaj National Daily from Pokhara. I am here as a quality controller rather than as an exam controller, and each affiliated college of Pokhara University must be transformed into a learning community center for quality education. The Examinations Controller office of Pokhara University is already a bulky body, and whatever efforts it makes are inadequate to conduct and publish results in time as the number of students and university affiliates is increasing significantly. This situation signals the misery of TU exams. Therefore, this office should be turned into Quality Control office which supervises and regulates the quality efforts as well as evaluation processes of the colleges. Colleges must hire, facilitate and train competent faculty members who are capable to assess the abilities of students. 

Thus, I have a distinctive opinion regarding the fundamental functioning of the university. I also opine that an affiliated college must be committed to ensuring quality by retaining competent faculty members. The university must look after their professional growth with suitable programs similar to that of University Service Commission. 

The other area of improvement is necessary that should adhere to building a stronger linkage between the university and the corporate world and international academic institutions.

What suggestions would you like to give to the plus two graduates for enrollment in bachelor’s level?

I would suggest ten-plus-two graduates should search a convenient option in Nepal for their bachelor study rather than dillydallying in a foreign land. You can gain a far better-quality education at a reasonable fee structure in Nepal. The four-year bachelor study of Nepal is what you will miss the most in your life if you plan to go abroad.

If you are in Pokhara and around, please visit Pokhara College of Management and understand how it is performing. PCM is a choice that you will cherish in the future. Apart from BBA course, PCM’s new program BCIS may be quite suitable for your career that you are seeking to compete in the digital world. No matter which faculty you belong to in the post- grade 12, you can pursue this course at PCM.


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