Business and hospitality qualifications are the gold standards of Pokhara University


Butwal Model College is a top-notch college in the field of management education, especially for BBA and BHM programs.  To what extent, do you consider that the college has fulfilled the objective of its establishment?

Butwal Model College, affiliated to Pokhara University, has been established with an objective of imparting BBA and BHM qualifications at local level and to produce skilled human resources in the fields of management and hospitality. It is located between Bhairahawa and Butwal—two major cities. The college is an academic chain of New Horizon College and Kathmandu Model College. During a short span of time, the college has made huge achievements. Currently, it offers master’s degree in Population, Gender and Development (MPGD), bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) and bachelor’s in hospitality management (BHM) as its gold-standard qualifications. We have successfully prepared 3rd batch of students of BBA program, which underpins strengths of becoming one of the top educational institutions in such a prime location. The college incorporates intellectual, enthusiastic and determined faculty of teachers who instill in students good demeanor, social etiquettes, pathways to success and genuine knowledge. Our faculty members are highly experienced, qualified and are involved in research and publishing. Similarly, we make a linkage of education with vocations. Moreover, we’ve had a professional agreement with 5-star hotels for the internship and placements of our BHM graduates. So, after assessing the college benchmarks, such as the faculty, programs, physical infrastructures, quality and performances of the graduates, we have achieved a phenomenal success within a short span of time which I think is the fulfillment of the objective of our college establishment. However, we are working hard to achieve further successes by extending programs and upgrading its academic quality as well as physical infrastructures.

In your analysis, what are the strengths of management programs of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University followed the academic calendar, and its academic journey was unstoppable even during the threats of Covid-19 pandemic. It adopted an alternative way to physical teaching and learning and evaluation activities. The University not only offers the curricula which are identical to international standards also it has timely revised and updated courses as per the demand of global market. It is the pioneer in introducing semester system and has international evaluation system. Similarly, the University focuses on research and practical based orientation. The university cooperates with OPEN and treats all the affiliated and constituent colleges equally. The management and administrative team, such as VC, Rector, Dean and Controller of the University are visionary and far-sighted.

Since you are familiar with the ongoing activities of Pokhara University, what, in your perspectives, should the University do to retain its legacy of being impeccable?

Pokhara University is one of the best universities in terms of its service delivery. It has been providing suggestions, guidelines, guardianship and directions to its affiliated and constituent colleges. So, the University should make its activities more effective by acknowledging the need and aspirations of the stakeholders.

What is the role of OPEN to make the University’s programs more successful?

OPEN is an umbrella organization of Pokhara University affiliate colleges. There is interdependence between these two institutional entities. In fact, the existence of OPEN would not have been possible without the support of the University; however, the university will be stronger and make further improvements with the support of OPEN. So, the relationship between the University and OPEN is like the combination of nail and the flesh, i.e., inseparable. OPEN has full support to the University for construction and establishment of research center and guest house.

The Covid-19 pandemic put a chokehold on our regular teaching and learning activities and compelled us to embrace online classes once again after reinstating the physical classes in the aftermath of the first wave of the pandemic. We are not sure that the pandemic will be extinct completely. How is your plan to go ahead to cope with such situation in the days to come?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about both opportunity and challenge. It compelled us to introduce a virtual way of teaching and learning activities and evaluation system which can be taken as an opportunity, but it adversely affected the social and economic facets of people, which are considered its challenges. The pandemic is spreading as the cycle, which may appear repeatedly in the future. Hence, we are planning to adopt IT friendly education and run classes physically in normal situations, but during the pandemic threats, we must plan to run classes virtually. Hence, both physical and virtual classes are essential for coping with pandemic commotions.

What message would you like to convey to the graduates of ten-plus-two programs as Principal of Butwal Model College?

First of all, I would like to express loads of congratulations to them on their grand success and wish them all the best for their further studies. Secondly, I suggest they choose their field of study by analyzing their interest and aptitude and not be misguided by the influence of their fellows or parents. If you are interested in BBA and BHM education, Butwal Model College is eager to welcome you with the assurance of quality education. The college has good infrastructures that encapsulate ultra-modern laboratories, computer labs with latest version systems and a resourceful library with a wide range of quality books and journals. We nurture you in such a way that you will be able to explore your hidden talents and expose yourself to the world. The college is an academic chain of New Horizon College and Kathmandu Model College. So, it gives the assurance of stability and acclamation. As the Principal of Butwal Model College, I am fully committed to solidifying your dreams of becoming an engineer with good guardianship, care and nurture.


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