We focus on grooming the learners to become entrepreneurs that would give them both fame and fortune


Quest International College, affiliated to Pokhara University, is one of the top-notch business colleges in Nepal. It has been established with the objective of providing quality education and preparing globally saleable human resources in the field of management. The course has played a prime role in inculcating the enthusiasm of the learners and has fired them further to embrace entrepreneurship, professionalism, feeling of humanity and development of mindset for the contribution to the development of nation.

Udayaraj Poudel is the founder Principal at Quest International College. He claims that the college has achieved the objectives disseminating life-changing education and reinforces that the college is thriving to achieve further successes. Excerpts:

What are the secrets behind your academic successes?

Quest International College is run by the eminent educationists and professionals. It has a small team of life-changers with long experience, expertise and strong determination to the escalation of students’ learning endeavors. The support of community and the university is highly appreciable. So, the efficiency, efforts, devotion and determination of the team, support and kind cooperation of the community and University are the key phenomena behind its successes.

Quest International College offers BBA, BHM and MBA programs which other colleges offer too. What are your convincing claims that students should study in your college to embrace an award-winning career?

Quest International College offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) and Master of Business Administration (MBA), affiliated to Pokhara University. These highly valued global degrees prepare students to be self- reliant and to embark on a rewarding career ahead. The college is run by the eminent and experienced professionals. We respect individual differences in our students and value each of them as a unique and potential individual who is a thoughtful and responsible leader living and thriving in diverse areas of society and global employment market. At QUEST, you will find an excellent learning environment with adequate facilities, modern infrastructure and congenial academic atmosphere. In addition, the students actively engage to conquer the challenges of today’s global business with analytical and rigorous thinking. They learn how to make decision, have rational thoughts, and understand the dimensions of a business problem.

Quest International College ensures a secure place for learners to internalize their passion, certitude and practical qualities needed for them to be a successful manager or entrepreneur. It also transforms them from a common citizen into an ideal patriot with ethical values. We transfer soft skill and technical skill rigorously from the competent and hardworking faculty of teachers. In addition, our encouragement galvanizes students most to be job creators rather than job seekers. For this purpose, we provide skill development and entrepreneurship skill as well as professional training besides regular teaching. We enroll only a limited number of students who receive individual care and appreciation for their talents. Hence, in order to witness a holistic transformation, we invite such career hopefuls to our college.

How are the prospects of these programs in job market or career building fields?

These programs have global scope in job landing sector as well as entrepreneurship world. We transform theoretical knowledge and skill into empirical learning from subject experts, professional teachers and researchers. Our focus is to produce such a human resource that can respond to global needs after achieving the degree. MBA graduates are more sought after by large organizations, multinational companies and enterprises than the graduates of other programs. The students, after achieving an MBA degree, can enhance their entrepreneurship prospects too. Similarly, BHM course has high demand in the tourism industry and business world. We mainly focus on grooming the students to become entrepreneurs that would give them both fame and fortune.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to adopt online classes again after reinstating physical classes. We are not sure about the pandemic that will disappear immediately. What are your plans to move ahead amid such unprecedented pandemic and epidemic threats and crises in the future?

The Covid-19 pandemic has excruciatingly affected us more than any other pandemics and epidemics for more than one and a half years. It taught us lesson to adapt ourselves to any sorts of stand-offish circumstances alternatively, thus giving us a gateway to online and distance learning as an alternative to educating our students. It is called a paradigm shift in education system of Nepal. Even during hard times, we tried to explore positive points in every twist and peril. Subsequently, we managed to introduce digital system to the academic sphere which carved out a way to interact with the world’s renowned professors and educationists as well as convened most academicians in one place to cope with the challenges collectively. Now, we are adept at operating virtual platforms to ease the teaching and learning activities. In this regard, we are fully prepared to resist any sorts of unprecedented pandemic in the future and conduct virtual classes as the best alternative to physical education.

In your experience, what are the strengths of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University offers timely revised and updated syllabi. It is the pioneer in launching new programs as it introduced semester system which encapsulates international evaluation system. The administrative and managerial teams are visionary and far-sighted. The University has maintained uniformity among its constituent and affiliated colleges. The subject committee has been formed with highly experienced teachers who have mastery on their fields of teaching and are aware of the importance of updated courses that can mould the careers of learners.

What message would you like to convey to the ten-plus-two graduates?

It is the right time to choose a right path of career building seriously. So, I convey my message to both parents and students to choose the field of interest and then choose a suitable college which can help them fulfill their dreams and quench their thirst for knowledge. If students embark on management education, it’s a wise decision to pursue BBA and BHM for earning a fame and fortune. Quest College can be the best resort for grooming your career. You will find a welcoming environment at the college and you will be guided further by our experienced faculty of teachers. You are more than welcome to visit the college, meet the faculty, observe physical infrastructures and academic environment. I assure you that Quest  will assist you in your quest for an appealing career.


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