Business education is enriching graduates with trendsetting entrepreneurial prospects


Excel Business College run by a group of academicians and administered by Chaudhary Group is one of the top-notch business colleges in Nepal. The college offers BBA, BBA-BI and MBA courses.

Dr. Bishnu Prasad Bhattarai is Academic Director/ Business Unit Head at Excel Business College. As it is run by the Chaudhary Group, it aims at producing ingenious workforce sought by various business houses and the nation itself. This college not only provides the academic knowledge to the students but also facilitates them with extra-curricular activities and non-credit courses along with supplementary classes that ensure their holistic development. He has shared his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

Why study at Excel Business College?

Academic activities are the general features of every college, but our college is endeavoring to apply student-centric methods of teaching. We focus on research work, non-credit courses, presentation and many more which are our utmost priorities. We organize presentation programs as regularly as our terminal examinations. This privilege has developed the skills of our students in Microsoft Power Point presentation, Microsoft Excel presentation etc. We offer an array of courses as non-credit programs by doing an MoU with different organizations which lay the foundation to our students career choices. We manage different types of guest lectures, industrial visits and educational tours for our students. Moreover, we also ensure internship opportunities for our students in different workplaces followed by placement privileges for the deserving students. Overall, our focus is on the provision of hands-on education that prepares and shows them countless ways to succeed in their life.

As the trend of management education pursuits has significantly increased in Nepal, to what extent is it rewarding?

In my opinion, management education supercharges hands-on learning endeavors. Managerial knowledge and skills are equally needed in all sectors such as hospital, trading center, school, college, banks, commercial corporations, etc. These traits prove that there is a huge scope of management education not only in Nepal also in foreign swathes.

How do you set priorities to help students excel in their learning endeavors?

I strongly believe in a pragmatic approach of teaching and learning. I try enough not to follow customary manner of teaching rather focus on making classes more interactive. Similarly, our priorities are set primarily to enhance studies based on research & findings. In fact, I believe that only competitive education can give quality assurance.

Do you think your college is capable of producing skilled human resources that can make appealing impacts on the global market?

Obviously, we are capable enough in producing human resources as per the demand of the global market. We prepare our students to be qualified acknowledging the ongoing business scenarios in the world. Therefore, our graduates not only have their academic certificates but also are equipped with skills and certitude that help them work confidently in their future workplaces.  Moreover, we also conduct non-credit courses to fill the existing lacunae between the academic course and the demand of the market.

In your perusal of quality education, what have you observed as the promising traits of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University is considered the best university in term of its management and engineering education. Its curricula are updated and timely revised according to the demand of the market. In comparison to other universities of Nepal, Pokhara University has proved itself for conducting online examinations system during the pandemic crises. In my perspectives, the modus operandi of Pokhara University is worthy of veneration.

What suggestions would you like to give the +2 graduates for enrollment in bachelor’s level?

First of all, I would like to congratulate all ten-plus-two graduates on their achievements. I think all colleges are equally important as they fulfill the basic criteria of appealing education impartation. However, our college is the best college for business management education since our faculty members have long experience in this field. In addition, we offer hands-on education by maintaining highest standards of academic delivery. So, I suggest they visit the college and ensure their enrollment without any skepticism.


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