VS Niketan hoists the flag of academic exuberance and bequeathed career privileges to graduates


Dr. Babin Pokharel, the Founder Director of VS Education Foundation is a multi-talented, farsighted and versatile personality. VS Niketan College is an independent academic institution which was established in Kathmandu in 2056 BS. This college offers academic programs in two different levels: BBA and MBA, affiliated to Pokhara University. Dr. Pokharel is dedicated and committed to providing world-class management education in accordance with the demand and necessity of the nation regionally and globally. He shares his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

VS Niketan College has been recognized as one of the top-notch educational institutions. How far do you agree that the objective of establishment of VS Niketan College has been fulfilled?

Yes, it’s a fact that VS. Niketan College is the first-class academic institution since it has been able to provide quality education whilst maintaining the global standard since its establishment. VS Niketan College has been able to fulfill its objective of establishment to a larger extent.

The college has prepared the students to acquire entry level managerial skills to start a professional career in business management. We inculcate abilities, practical skills and positive attitude required for a competent and responsible manager. Student can get opportunity to develop necessary foundation for graduate studies in management discipline. They can get the environment to cultivate their hidden and inner potentials. We help students develop knowledge and skills to use their ability in real life. We support students to take up the challenges of unprecedented times curiously and effectively, but at large, students will be able to develop decision-making ability independently. 

In short, quality education, appropriate teaching and learning environment, practical-based and student-centric learning system and infrastructural facilities have helped in fulfilling the objective of the institution establishment.

What are the main reasons behind such a phenomenon success of your college?

The main reasons behind its success are its strong leaders, effective management team, qualified faculties, and modern facilities provided by the college. First, we have an experienced, well-educated and dynamic personality as a leader who has earned a PhD in the field of management and has got longer experience in the field of education. He has visited different and best universities of the world and has implemented the best of his knowledge that complies with the country’s laws and the norms of the university.

Second, the strong management team always gives meticulous care to students, listens to their problems and requirements, counsels them for their further careers. The team not only provides prompt services to the students but also supports extra-curricular activities. In addition, our vibrant pupils participate in both intra- and intercollege competitions, such as basketball, futsal, dance competitions etc.

Third, our faculty members are highly educated as most of them are Ph.D. holders from different universities; some are professors who have mastery on their field of teaching.

Last but not the least, our teaching faculty is key factor to world-class education that gives deep satisfaction to the learners. Their satisfaction and the congenial academic atmosphere help them achieve their higher dream. These electrifying benchmarks are the flagship of VS Niketan.

Why should career hopefuls pursue PU integrated BBA & EMBA courses at VS Niketan?

Yes, BBA & EMBA programs are offered by many universities in Nepal, but we impart them differently. Owing to your question of PU courses and the significance of VS Niketan, I would like to highlight the following privileges each learner will embrace upon his/her enrollment in VS Niketan:

Curriculum: We strictly follow the curriculums provided by the university. The course syllabi, books and the credit hours are highly managed in the class routine with their time-bound completion period, which fulfills the objective of the curriculum development.  

Why students study at VS Niketan?

It’s because:

  • We follow the motto of “high quality with moderate fee structure”
  • We are within the reach of all classes of society
  • We love to adopt good things of the west without eroding our rich values
  • We do not compromise on quality and standard of education
  • We provide healthy, happy and learning environment
  • We focus on practical-based teaching and learning method
  • We provide opportunities to students for your global outreach   
  • We provide job placement opportunities to all the needy students

So, I should say all the students from poor to rich and academically mediocre to talented can avail themselves of our varied academic, cultural and social practices.

Could you please tell us how would students develop their careers upon completing these courses from VS Niketan?

The course is very practical; the given assignments, presentation and internal evaluation make students focus on the courses. In addition, students can follow the curriculum and do their assigned tasks, and get involved in internship, which will definitely give them a pathway to successful career.

There are possibilities in developing career in almost all sectors, such as management, banking, industry, hotel, health, education, government offices etc. They not only have employment opportunities in their native land also they can earn fame and fortune in a foreign land.

Many educational institutions have defined quality education in their own ways. What are the parameters of quality education you define and impart?

In fact, there are common parameters that determine quality education, i.e. the courses designed by university, classes according to credit hours, exams in specific pattern and models, and student scored results (grades). When all these entities are given priorities, we can guarantee quality education.

However, we have added a few more activities apart from the aforementioned entities: case studies, group discussion, project assignment, field visit and classroom presentation. They also get audio-video and internet access as per the demand of curriculum and subject. Students’ individual presentations are emphasized to increase the confidence level and develop leadership and communication skills.

How do you set priorities to help students excel in their learning endeavors?

There must be a balance between all the entities, viz. study, work, family and social life, but the college students must focus on their career projected study. So, we help them make ”to do” lists to achieve the goal which are as follows:

–Attend the classes regularly

–submit assignments on or before deadline 
–breakdown larger tasks

–outline your days (weekly routine)

–plan for the unexpected situation

–use facilities given to you

 What remarkable achievement has your college made so far?

Our Achievements:

  • We have university toppers in every semester.
  • Our needy collegiate and graduates are pledged job opportunities
  • Extra-curricular activities achievements: First position in inter college dance competition in 2016, 2018, organized by…. 

Most academic institutions were compelled to comply with digital technology for their teaching and learning activities due to the covid-19 pandemic and restrictions. What are your views concerning such predicaments?

It has become a social and moral obligation to all the academic institutions from schools to universities. To make virtual learning effective, college management and faculty play a vital role along with the constant power supply and strong internet. For the college level students, virtual classes are more effective than the students of school.

The management can conduct the classes by regular observation, monitoring, motivation and with the participatory activities of the students. Attendance and record of assignments would be the base of evaluation to make students present in the class.

Teachers’ encouragement and motivation become supportive of students learning endeavors. Providing enough reading materials to students helps them do better in their academic performance.

Although it’s not exactly like physical classes, VS Niketan had been able to make virtual classes more effective and successful by regular monitoring and motivation to the students and by using high quality camera, strong internet and consistent electricity services.

We are willing to continue our academic programs in the physical presence of teachers; however, it’s uncertain that we can now work in normal situations. In you view, how should the teaching and learning activities be like in the days to come?

In this case, a teacher should present himself/herself tactfully. A teacher can divide the whole syllabus into parts. This could be true the areas of syllabus could be taught effectively through virtual classes, and the areas of syllabus that require physical presence should be conducted in the presence of students. In this regard, if teachers are given the responsibility of educating students either physically or virtually, they can conduct the classes perfectly.

All the academic institutions must be ready to conduct online classes. More focus should be given on case studies, assignments and research-based learning approaches will be more effective at the situation of uncertainty.

What suggestions would you like to give the plus two graduates for enrollment in bachelor’s level?

I should say students must be clear about the mission of their life. And I suggest they should instill in their minds the purpose of their study, life’s goal, utilization of their latent talents etc. They must decide on the appropriate faculty and its widespread scope that would carve out an appealing path before embarking on enrollment. In addition, they should consider basic facilities at college, such as scholarships, infrastructure facilities, faculty members, past results, location, affordable fee structure, etc. Other facilities may incorporate job placement, field visit, career counseling program as so on. Always choose the best.   


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