Management and Technology qualifications of Cosmos pledge its graduates both fame and fortune


Cosmos College of Management and Technology is one of the leading private engineering colleges in Nepal. In this glorious history of more than 20 successful years, it has established a unique academic brand in the society by generating adroit human resources. Currently, it offers an array of courses: BE Civil, BE Computer, BE Information Technology, B. Architecture and BBA, affiliated to Pokhara University.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Bhattarai, a dynamic personality having a two-decade experience in the academic field of engineering, is the Principal at Cosmos College of Management & Technology. He is also teaching at Pulchowk Campus. He expressed his views with College Readers. Excerpts:

Cosmos College of Management and Technology is one of the top-notch colleges in the fields of management and engineering education.  To what extent has the college fulfilled the core objective of its establishment?

Cosmos College of Management and Technology,affiliated to Pokhara University, was established with the objective of providing quality education in the fields of engineering and management in Nepal through the efforts of private sector. The college has set an aim to produce qualified, competitive and motivated engineers and managerial human resources that will play a pivotal role in changing the paradigms of social and economic spheres of Nepal.

Cosmos College of Management and Technology offers BBA and engineering programs which are fundamentally offered by most colleges in Kathmandu valley. How do you distinguish your institution from its contemporaries and why should students join your college for such courses?

Cosmos College of Management and Technology is administered by a team of prominent academicians. It has recruited experienced and permanent faculty members and business professionals. The college has maintained strict organizational etiquettes and dress code. We believe that the education of engineering is essential to be a perfect engineer and the knowledge of management to be a perfect manager. So, we facilitate these two entities interchangeably with the entailments of lectures from both the faculties. I think all these benchmarks corroborate our claim that every career hopeful should join our college to seize a blissful career.

It is explicitly seen that many engineering programs in Nepal are out of demand due to an increasing number of unemployed graduates. What is the employability status of your graduates in the job landing sectors? 

Cosmos College of Management and Technology offers BBA, BE-IT, BE Civil, BE Computer, BE Electronics and Communication and BE Arch.These programs have global acclamation in multiple fields, such as IT, in the job landing sectors. We offer job placement privileges to our graduates as well. As far as I know, there are no graduates of our college that dilly-dally in pursuit of jobs. The college strongly believes that effective transfer of knowledge and skills to students is necessary in preparing creative, visionary and honest professionals and entrepreneurs. We transform theoretical knowledge into life-changing skills from our subject experts, enthusiastic teachers and researchers. These could be the reasons why the graduates of our college do not have to get stranded in regression for not getting any jobs rather they are either jobholders or entrepreneurs. I assure all our graduates that if they are unemployed, we are here to pledge them a suitable job.

Most colleges give less priority to research and publishing. How is the condition in your college?

Cosmos College of Management and Technology has set high priorities to research and publications of research-based articles. We have established a Research Management Cell (RMC) with an aim to boost up our faculty and the students in research and publications. Many publications of our faculty have been published in international journals. We highly encourage our faculty and the students to involve in research and publications.

The Covid-19 pandemic put a chokehold on our regular teaching and learning activities and compelled us to embrace online classes once again after reinstating the physical classes in the aftermath of the first wave of the pandemic. We are not sure that the pandemic will be extinct completely. How is your plan to go ahead to cope with such situation in the days to come?

We had no practices of virtual meeting, virtual class, and virtual assignment and virtual exams prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it brought about some positive impacts despite many repercussions in human lives. We have searched positive points to combat with pandemic crises and introduced digitized system to the educational sphere. In addition, it brought about a paradigm shift in the academic atmosphere in Nepal. Now, we are well-trained to operate virtual platforms and carry forward our academic activities virtually. So, if any such pandemic breaks out in the future, we are fully capable and prepared to outweigh its crises with alternative means and resources, such as hybrid techniques, i.e., physical and virtual education.

Could you possibly highlight the strengths of engineering programs of Pokhara University?

The engineering programs of Pokhara University have some fundamental distinctions. It has the provision of intake even from the bio group. By doing so, brilliant candidates can be enrolled in engineering program. Similarly, there is grading system in evaluation which is a globally recognized evaluation system. Another equally important feature of engineering program is that the University has designed market-sought courses. Similarly, the University has allowed colleges to launch elective courses due to which attraction of students is ever increasing.

Pokhara University has set an example of conducting board exams online. What’s your say in this regard?

Pokhara University introduced online system of exams as an alternative to physical exams during the pandemic. It was proved to have been successful in terms of whole exam system, i.e., exam session, monitoring, evaluation and result publication. It saved the time and resources as well as helped the University maintain the academic calendar. So, I consider this to be a revolutionary transformation in education trend in Nepal. The practice initiated by Pokhara University was later adopted by other universities and academic institutions. So, I take it as a breakthrough.

What message would you like to convey to the ten-plus-two graduates wishing to pursue an engineering course?

First and foremost, I convey my message to the bachelor qualification aspirants to choose the field of study based on their natural abilities, and then confirm a college that acknowledges all their academic pursuits. If the students have interest in mathematics, I suggest they should pursue engineering qualification. Cosmos College of Management and Technology can be the best place for them to acquire world-class engineering and management program.


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