Liberty supercharges business and hospitality ethics of its learners


Liberty College, under the ownership of Global College of Management, (GCM) is one of the leading business colleges in Nepal. It offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs in affiliation with Pokhara University.

Acquiring a two-decade long experience of leading some educational institutions and possession of vigor, Dr. Bishwo Udhir Poudel Gharti is the Principal at Liberty College. Since the promoting team members are academically sound and hold glorious records of success in the education sphere in Nepal, Dr. Gharti believes that Liberty keeps the ball rolling in order to maintain its legacy of imparting quality education to career pursuers. He shares his perspectives with College Readers. Excerpts:

How do you analyze the status of management education offered by Pokhara University?

Management education, particularly BBA program of Pokhara University is its gold standard in terms of course content and delivery. Its syllabi are as competitive and advanced as that of world’s top-most universities. The BBA graduates of Pokhara University have proved themselves to be outstanding performers in master’s level programs at top-notch universities of Europe, America, and Australia. It shows that the management education of Pokhara University is globally acclaimed.

Liberty College offers BBA and BHM programs. What type of program are they?

BHM is the hotel and hospitality related program. The BHM is a 4-year bachelor level program which enables the learners to study it for three years, followed by one year internship. It is fully practical based subject, and the learners acclimatize it by doing or through practical orientation. The BHM graduates have high demand in 5-star hotels. On the other hand, BBA is a business-related program which prepares middle class managers.

Liberty College offers BBA and BHM programs which are also offered by its contemporary institutions.  Why should one pursue one of these courses in your college?

Liberty College offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) qualifications, affiliated to Pokhara University. These highly valued globally acclaimed qualifications prepare students to be reflective, self-reliant, and inquisitive and opens multiple gateways to rewarding careers. The college is run by the eminent and experienced professionals. Our tutors are from banks, business organizations, corporate houses, 5-star hotels, etc. So, they possess ample knowledge of practical fields where they work. We vouchsafe talents of individual students as they are different from each other in terms of their distinctive talents and capabilities, and everyone has a unique skill that can galvanize them to pursue the path to become responsible leaders in the diverse areas of society and global employment market. Our students are well-trained in the empirical field. We not only impart theoretical knowledge to our pupils also encourage them to cope with real problems in professional and individual life. Liberty College has an excellent learning environment with adequate facilities: state-of-the-art infrastructures and tranquil academic atmosphere. We transfer soft skills as well as professional training to the learners besides regular teaching. So, our students are more practical and more confident than the students of other colleges.

The Covid-19 pandemic put a chokehold on our regular teaching and learning activities and compelled us to embrace online classes once again after reinstating the physical classes in the aftermath of the first wave of the pandemic. Still, we are not sure about the extinction of the pandemic soon. If you embark on virtual tutoring again, how do you guarantee the quality assurance?

The Covid-19pandemic severely affected our personal, academic, economic and social facets. More severely, it deteriorated our teaching and learning activities during the first wave of coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, we gradually learnt how to adjust ourselves with crises and hazards; as a result, we successfully searched an alternative to our physical tutoring, which was virtual way of having access to resources and students. Subsequently, the virtual system of education was introduced in Nepal. Now, we are fully trained to operate devices and get used to imparting education virtually. So, we have no worries about the outbreak of any sorts pandemics in the future since we have tactfully acclimatized the repercussions of a pandemic. In this regard, we assure all the aspirants that we can impart quality education in dual ways: theoretical part via online platform and practical part in the physical presence of students and tutors.

In your experience, what are the strengths of Pokhara University?

The current team of Pokhara University is stalwart, visionary, and eager to strengthen the stature of the University. It has timely revised and updated courses. It is the pioneer in introducing semester-base system, and its internationally acclaimed evaluation system is integrated with its academic benchmarks. The administrative and managerial teams are prudent and judicious. The University treats both constituent and affiliated colleges equally. As a result, it has maintained an amicable relationship with all its affiliated and constituent colleges in order to establish pleasant modus vivendi amid its associates to lead the University towards the path of ever-lasting progress.

What message would you like to convey to the ten-plus-two graduates as Principal of Liberty college?

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to those graduates on their phenomenal achievement. Secondly, I would like to suggest them to pursue their higher studies in one of the colleges of Kathmandu valley. The main reason behind this insistence is that they can be familiar with high level commercial institutions and business houses. Similarly, they will learn to be self-reliant.  It is the right time to choose a right path of career building sincerely. If the students are interested in pursuing management education in bachelor level, especially BBA and BHM qualifications, Liberty College can be the best destination for harnessing an appealing career. You are cordially invited to visit Liberty College either personally or virtually and explore the academic ambience at Liberty which you can avail yourself after the enrollment. You are also highly recommended to meet our faculty mavens, be acquainted with our twenty-first century learning technologies, and witness the inspiring stories of our college graduates. I, as Principal, assure you that Liberty College can be the right place for taking your career to a new altitude. We impart quality education focusing on practical orientation. So, be a part of Liberty, and liberate yourself in the world of countless choices.


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