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Dr. Amar Nagila envisions making the health science programs more effective, more acclaimed, and more demandable globally. Undoubtedly, his expertise in health science is an asset to the University. His major dream is to establish a teaching hospital in the University premises. Excerpts:

Could you share with us the programs that are offered in Health Sciences?

Pokhara University (PU) started pharmaceutical program in Bachelor level 24 years ago. Since then, it has gradually launched new programs as per the need and demand of the society and professional market. Currently, the University offers bachelor’s degree programs in Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Public Health, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical Microbiology, Medical Biochemistry, and Optometry. In addition, master’s degree programs incorporate: Pharmacy, Public Health, Medical Laboratory and Optometry. Himalayan Eye Hospital Pokhara has launched Bachelor and Master’s in Optometry accredited by PU. Similarly, Tilganga Eye Hospital offers Master of Optometry and Bharatpur Cancer Hospital has launched Bachelor of Nursing Oncology. So, 5 bachelor’s level,3 master’s level, 6 pre-school and 2 micro- biology program makes altogether 16 programs, including constituent colleges, affiliated colleges, and institutes.

Since you have recently been appointed as Dean of Health Science at Pokhara University, what strategic plans do you have that enable you to witness academic excellence and accomplishments during your tenure?

Faculty of Health Sciences has a glorious history of academic excellence, particularly, in education, research and healthcare services. The outstanding performance of the previous years has gained an enormous height and trust among the public. Our soul commitment is to produce highly skilled, dedicated, and professional human resources required in the health sector. Still, we have something lacking that is to be fulfilled as the demand of time. So, we are making some short-term and long-term strategic plan for the further enhancement. Since our University does not have its own teaching hospital we have formulated strategic plan to make Pokhara Health Science Academy a constituent academy under Pokhara University and extend its capacity to a 100- bedded hospital. Similarly, we have planned establish a healthy society in collaboration with the public and the stakeholders. Likewise, we are planning to launch new programs of master’s level by next year along with PhD program in Health science.

As Pokhara University had a plan of launching an MBBS program, could you share with us what’s happening at present?

Medical education is the most demanded course in the present context of Nepal. It is the present need of the nation, too. But it requires some criteria to run these programs. Currently, our concentration is on the completion of this task. We, therefore, are developing infrastructures to run MBBS program. For this, we need state-of-the-art physical infrastructure, capable teaching faculty and visionary management team. All these entities are basic requirements for launching MBBS program. In the same pipeline, we are also preparing an infrastructure for launching Bachelor of Medical Surgery.

What is the further plan of the University for strengthening the programs of constituent and affiliated colleges?

The Faculty of Health Science has been well-equipped in terms of its physical infrastructure as well as academic excellence since its inception. It has been imparting most demanded and advanced education in health-related fields in the course of time. In reality, we have sufficient infrastructure i.e., physical facility, faculty members and a considerable number of students for our available programs. I am preparing further planning in collaboration with our team for strengthening the programs which the constituent and affiliated colleges are launching. In addition, we are preparing the procedures for running a hospital under the University administration. After the work procedures are completed, we are likely to run hospitals under affiliated and constituent colleges. Our actions are fully goal-oriented to accomplish a phenomenal success. Our team is fully alert to supervise and monitor the colleges to enhance their quality deliverance.

At last, what message would you like to convey to ten-plus-two graduates who are willing to pursue health science course in the next level?

Health Science and Medical Education are the urgent need of today. Human resources of these fields can be highly demandable globally. We have most demanded programs in the market. The University has gained the global standard education acclamation in health science sector. We are fully committed to imparting globally acclaimed education and preparing globally saleable human resources. As of today, the health science education has completed its 22 years of glorious and worthy history. Our graduates are highly skilled and excellent professionals. So, I suggest career aspirants should participate in the entrance examination and visit our website after succeeding in the entrance exam to begin solidifying their dreams in health sector.


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