Late Dr. Baburam Pokhrel Memorial Society felicitates four persons


Kathmandu, Jan. 8: The late Dr. Baburam Pokharel Memorial Society has organized the fourth annual memorial meeting and honor program on 8th January, 2022 and awarded and honored four persons from different fields.

Prof. Dr. Surendra Bhakta Pradhananga has been awarded the Education Award, Prakriti Adhikari the Journalism Award, Brahmakumari Sati Devi Rai the Dharma Sanskriti Award and Sumitra Kadaria the Social Service Award.

Dr. Babin Pokharel, Vice President of Late Dr. Baburam Pokhrel Smriti Samaj- said that late Pokhrel had made a great contribution in the field of private education in Nepal and his aim was to provide quality education to the general public in the society. In order to fulfill his dream, Dr Pokharel informed that he has been supporting students and schools which are deprived of quality education by funding one crore worth revolving fund.

He also informed that this year four famous people from social service, education, journalism and religion and culture were honored with the objective of the society.

The chief guest of the program, Minister for Tourism and Culture of Bagmati Pradesh, Dipendra Shrestha said that late Dr. Baburam Pokhare had made invaluable contribution in the field of education


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