Oxford Secondary School and Suryavinayak English Boarding School merged


Oxford Secondary School Gaindakot and Suryavinayak English Boarding School have merged and Oxford Secondary School, which is running under the network of Oxford College of Engineering and Management, will leave no stone in imparting quality education. Hari Bhandari, Principal of Oxford Secondary School, said that the two schools were merged after the company registrar’s office gave its approval on June 10. After the unification, the school was renamed Oxford Secondary School. Bhandari said that classes will be conducted in the name of Oxford Secondary School from this academic session. Admission Campaign has also been launched for this.

Speaking at an information technology training and laptop distribution program organized by Oxford Secondary School in Gaidakot, Gaidakot Mayor Chhatra Raj Poudel said the school was integrated as per his plan. He said that it was sad that the education bill he was trying to bring was not passed by the Municipal Council even though it was in the similar line with this.

Moti Rijal, Education Officer of Gaidakot Municipality Education Branch, opined that the class should be conducted using the technology properly as technology was needed in the school in the current difficult situation.

Oxford College of Engineering and Management, a top-notch college in Nepal, was compelled to run school label classes after the government made the secondary level up to plus two. Meanwhile, it has been integrated with Suryavinayak English Boarding School. Earlier, only classes 11 and 12 were being taught at Oxford College. Principal Bhandari has committed to making this school a model of the country. Stating that there is a plan to make the school information friendly, Bhandari said that mass media and law classes will be conducted in grade eleven and twelve from the next academic session.

Suryavinayak English Boarding School before merging had about 500 students. After merging, Prof. Er. Hari Bhandari has been selected as the Chairman and Principal of Oxford Secondary School.

Training has been provided to the teachers to make the school run with new management technology friendly. The school has also provided laptops to the teachers in installments.

The program was facilitated by the then Principal of Suryabinayak English Boarding School Dhaneshwar Gautam DG and welcomed by Advisor Gopendra Keshari Neupane. School teachers and other personalities along with Narayan Sigdel were present in the program.


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