SEE Evaluation Procedure to be made public by the last of Jestha


The National Examination Board (NEB) is preparing to issue the procedure of internal assessment of schools in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) by May. The board is preparing to formulate procedures to make it easier for schools and teachers to conduct internal assessment of students.

The Board Chairman Prof. Chandramani Poudel informed that the working procedure is being discussed and it will be made public within this month. In particular, it has been stated that the procedure will determine the criteria of how to give marks in the assessment of the students, what kind of structure will be in the school for this, and who will be responsible in the assessment.

The government had last year also formulated procedures for the internal evaluation of schools. He informed that the procedure will be issued this time by making some changes in the procedure. Last year’s procedure was criticized for some of the teacher’s assessments.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers last Monday has already made a policy decision to conduct the SEE examination through internal evaluation. The government had made such a policy change by concluding that the examination could not be conducted in the physical presence of the students as per the syllabus and specialization schedule due to corona virus infection.

Now that the procedure has been issued, the board is ready to give the school two weeks to evaluate the students. The details of the final assessment done by the school should be sent to the education and coordination unit of the concerned district and the coordination unit should certify and send it to the board.

The Board will update the details received from schools across the country and prepare the final examination results of the students and publish, certify and issue certificates. The board estimates it will take an average of 20 days to do so.

Last year, the board delayed the publication of the results for a few days, citing problems with teachers’ internal assessments.


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