Education Sector Budget Increased


Kathmandu: Out of 1.647 trillion budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2078/79, Rs 180.04 billion has been allocated for education. The government has increased the budget for education sector this year. According to the estimated budget presented by Finance Minister Bishnu Padel on Saturday, the budget allocated to the Ministry for Education, Science and Technology is more than last five years.

In the current Fiscal Year, a budget of Rs. 171.71 billion was allocated for education whereas in the Fiscal Year 2076/77, a budget of Rs. 165.76 billion was allocated for education.

The government has allocated Rs 10 billion for the Presidential Educational Reform Program. Similarly, the minimum salary for early childhood development teachers will be Rs 15,000. The government has allocated Rs. 5.55 billion for this purpose.

8 billion 320 million has been allocated to run lunch program in all community schools. Physical infrastructure of fifteen hundred community schools will have built. A budget of Rs. 2.66 billion has been allocated to match the posts of community school teachers.

A budget of Rs 1.20 billion will be allocated for the construction of an educational channel on Nepal Television to create an environment for those students who are deprived of internet facility and who are not able to go to school so that they can take education staying at home.  Similarly, budget has been allocated for distribution of free sanitary pads to girls students in schools, free scholarships for minority and disabled students in schools, free textbooks in all subjects, one school and one health worker.

A budget of Rs. 18.34 billion has been allocated for the development of the University Grants Commission. Likewise, 1.55 billion budget has been allocated for Engineering College in Jaleshwar, Mahottari, Madan Bhandari University, Ayurvedic University, Far Western Geta Medical College, Medical College in Surkhet, Midwestern, and to bring the Science and Technical University into operation.

The government has announced a program to provide loan up to Rs 2.5 million at 5 percent interest rate by pledging educational certificate under the youth incentive program. The government is going to allocate budget for the establishment of Cancer Studies Institute. The Cancer Studies Institute will be established at the central level in the fiscal year 2078/79 BS for the study and research related to cancer.

Students will be provided alternative loan for study, one cylinder of gas will be provided free of cost. The government will provide free SIM cards to all students above 16 years of age.

Students studying in public school level as well as higher level will be provided Rs. 80,000 at 1 percent interest rate to buy a laptop. Such loan amount will have to be repaid within 2 years. The government has also made an arrangement to provide soft loan up to Rs 2.5 million to those who have completed above bachelor degrees by pledging their academic certificates.The budget has been allocated for the students on contract basis after graduating from agriculture and arranging internship for 300 students. Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel made the announcement in his budget speech today.


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