TU Exams to have been completed by August


Kathmandu: Tribhuvan University has decided to conduct all the remaining examinations which could not be conducted due to Covid 19.

A discussion held among the officials of the university on Sunday has decided to complete the examinations which could not be conducted from the previous year and were suspended during the operation.

The students studying in the annual examination system of the university have not conducted the examination of the previous year yet and the study of the second year has already started. In such a situation, the students will be able to take the exam from the place where they are, even if the health safety measures are adopted, said Pushparaj Joshi, Controller of Examinations of the university.

He said, “We will complete the preparation for the examination from today and will complete it in August as it is too late to conduct the graduation examination.” We are also preparing to issue information to the students to prepare for this.

The university has not decided on the modality of conducting the examination. Discussions have concluded that the examination cannot be conducted online.


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