HISSAN to conduct its National Convention on 17th and 18th Mangsir


The 8th full HISSAN Central Committee  Meeting has been successfully conducted at Nepal Scout, Kakani.  The meeting that was conducted on 2nd and 3rd Baishakh, 2078 unanimously decided to conduct HISSAN Pre-board Examinations of grade twelve and discussed the contemporary issues concerning the current situation of corona virus transmission across the country which has resulted in triggering anomalous opinions from different sectors that are economical with truth.

The meeting, which was conducted in the presence of as many as 40 central committee executives, decided to spearhead the educational issues from school level to university level against the pressure of school closings, in coordination with the PABSON, N-PABSON and concerned stakeholders. It was also decided that HISSAN would conduct the provincial assembly in all the provinces within Jestha 2078, district assembly within 15th Ashoj and central convention on 17th and 18th of Mangsir 2078. Furthermore, in order to hold the National Convention, the HISSAN appealed to its concerned distinct level committees to elevate the number of HISSAN members from the institutions that offer secondary level to university level programs.

According to Ram Hari Silwal, the HISSAN Central Committee Secretary, the schools and colleges will not be closed only because the rumors of corona virus are mounting, rather they will pursue safe gateways to conducting those programs without affecting regular academic activities of schools and colleges across the country. The meeting also made a declaration that those schools which have been affected by corona virus will be closed for a certain period of time, following the instructions of the local government, but it’s a duty of every institution to comply with safety standards while conducting its physical classes.


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