Times International Montessori School

Times International School

Our Mission 

  TIMES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was established by well experienced educator in 2067 BS which is located at heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is built with all the infrastructural development in nine ropani of land. The TIMES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL would like to thank to our well-wishers and parents who continually reinforced throughout the journey where we started together…

TIMES is located at a place with beautiful and clean environment, 100 meters away from Sitapaila Chowk. The area is peaceful and surrounded by greenery.

Our vision

We prepare our children to understand, contribute, and succeed in promptly changing society to accomplish their full potential in a dynamic, thoughtful and supportive environment.

Our Mission

Opportunity for all children to rise the standards of educational achievement with promoting the prosperity of civilization and establish the values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness and humanity.

Our Goals

Ø  To develop the logic of national unity along with the wide range of knowledge

Ø  To make children confident and build their individually involving themselves in a cooperative learning and living nature

Ø  To develop sense of humanity and civilization

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