Aksharaa School

Aksharaa School

Located at the commercial edge of Kathmandu metropolis, Aksharaa School is managed in the catchments of most-facilitated surrounding brought in use for children to get empirical reach of the metropolitan experience of firsthand learning opportunities. In addition to the outsized premises that accommodate spacious school buildings annexed with full size playgrounds for sports facilities, Aksharaa School is equipped with most salient technological access and facilities.

The enrichments as these allow the school not only to hold classroom activities not remain within the confinements of books but also stretch beyond for student practices to take a shape as an ongoing process of learning. Embodied in the harmony of physical, technological and intellectual dynamics, Aksharaa School materializes skill-embraced education in active participation of learners. On this front, we at Askharaa School are proud that children learn to take initiation and participate autonomously in activities that encourage them to think critically over any situation, analyze the context or information rationally and draw logical conclusions.

All classroom activities at Aksharaa School are supported by modern classroom technologies and adequate resources. Our students are availed an easy and purposeful access to use a wide range of electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, television, projectors for academically relevant activities to reinforce their knowledge. Students carry out several project works in each subject, use various audio visual and print media together with internet and online media to derive and delineate materials of learning during the project works. We at Aksharaa emphasize and involve our students as practitioners to frequently interact with facilitators and peers to discuss, share and make decisions on the learning areas and topics, explore the materials, review and adopt for the projects, organize the content and make projects on the selected tasks. The project and inquiry-based activities at Aksharaa leave our children not only with textbooks to learn from but also lend practical exposures that strengthen their knowledge and understanding resulting at the nexus of theory and practice we give value to. Our key approaches with a blend of intellectual mentoring and facilities at Aksharaa include ample educational field trips, national and international tours, guest lecture sessions integrated in the mainstream curriculum. Through subject-based learning experiments, problem solving projects, model preparations, audio visual presentations, dramas, role plays, tutorial classes, virtual learning, group works, conferences, we at Aksharaa assure learning in raised maturity in students who with the integrated process are eventually trained how to draw concepts and translate them in the practices or in their application in real life situations.


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