Butwal Public School

Butwal Public School

Butwal Public School: An Ideal Place for Life-changing Education

Butwal Public School (BPS) is the standalone institution and first institution to launch A-Level program in Lumbini Province (Province 5), which has been in operation since last six years. Apart from this, the school introduced the curricula of Grades 11 & 12 in 2017, accredited by National Examinations Board (NEB). The school comprises strong and safe infrastructures for pupils that enable them to study thoroughly without any worries.

The school is a Cambridge Associate School that offers Cambridge Courses, and Cambridge University updates its syllabi every two years. It means the students at BPS get familiar with world’s academic issues and prepare themselves to compete globally being engaged and innovative. Furthermore, they are equipped with modern techniques that they will implement in their workplace upon completing their graduation. The school continuously analyses the academic frameworks of 3-4 foreign schools to further world-class education at local level.

Since the school is a Cambridge Associate School, it is following the footsteps of British education system. Therefore, the school management has made Strategic Planning for a period of five years. Although the school has been providing NEB and Cambridge courses, its journey of academic excellence does not come to an end until it offers BBA and MBA programs in future.                  

The BPS A-Level graduates have attained phenomenal successes as it helped around 50 students complete their A levels. As many as 45 students are abroad at the moment, especially in the USA and Australia, and some have been enrolled in BBA and MBA programs in Nepal. Therefore, all our graduates are showing outstanding performances in global economy. In this regard, the school is proud of its holistic education delivery and satisfied to see its graduates seizing a wide range of opportunities across the globe.

The school believes in what it has to do for social reformation and it also believes that social change can be experienced through quality education. In this regard, for the assurance of quality education, good management system and prodigious teaching faculty are a must. On one hand, if the management is transparent and actual, parents cultivate good belief in us; on the other hand, if the teachers are professional and positive, students can carve a rewarding path for their appealing careers. And infrastructure comes after these pre-requisites of quality education. Since the digital technology is an inherent attribute of quality education, it will be implemented in each classroom at Butwal Public School very soon.

Butwal Public School is widely recognized for its appealing physical infrastructures which comprise state-of-the-art facilities for learners. It has three modern buildings that consist of teaching and learning activities for various levels, namely Block A which is the main  building that incorporates administration department, vice-principals’ chambers, ultra-modern computer labs and classes for students from Nursery to Grade Seven. The Block B consists of cutting-edge science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), a computer lab, a library and modern classrooms for the pupils of Grades 11 & 12, and A Level programme. Likewise, Block C allows students from Grades Eight to Ten to learn in a serene and clean environment. The building also incorporates an advanced and capacious cafeteria for snacks, lunch and meals for semi-boarders and day-boarders students.


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