Bright Future English School

Bright Future English School

Bright Future Secondary School is a pioneer educational institution in Tanahun district, which was established in 2052BS. ‘Strict Discipline, Quality Education’ is the hallmark of the school since its establishment. With the aim at imparting quality education to the students of Tanahun district and adjacent localities, the school has escalated its goodwill as one of the top-notch academic institutions in the district.

In the SLC results of 2068, Bright Future witnessed a herald in keeping the record when it enabled 15 students to secure 100% in Compulsory Mathematics. Following the results, its counterparts and educationists visited the school to ensure the liability of the results. Having been surprised and perplexed, they eventually admitted this veracious efficacy. The school has culminated its status in the seventh position in the western region. The school further aims at developing it as a unique school amid academic institutions across the nation.


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