Apex Life School

Apex Life School

Established in 2040 BS as Sishu Nitekan School, this premier institution—now known as Apex Life School—has a history of more than three decades now. It has witnessed changes in the education system, policies, curriculum and pedagogy, and every time it has prevailed with its ever-evolving approach to schooling. It has a glorious history of pass records in S.L.C. examination, mostly registering a 100%  success rate. Its graduates are placed at various places in Nepal and abroad, both in governmental and non-governmental works in high and lucrative profiles. Many of its graduates are undergoing higher education in Nepal and abroad with an extremely commendable performance record. Over the years, it has brought drastic changes and revision in its pedagogical approach by supplementing curriculum-driven teaching with physical and spiritual education. Its emphasis on the development of soft and physical skills—through its sports and co-curricular activities—has done justice to multiple intelligence children are innately endowed with. Many of its graduates are actors, singers, public speakers and social leaders today. The School has maintained an extremely cordial social relation with the locality in its immediate neighbourhood.


We envision that Apex Life School becomes the most prestigious and exemplary learning institution in Nepal by inheriting the best educational philosophy and teaching practices to nurture and hone every child’s individual talent and skill, by dint of which, they shall exhibit a direct balance between learnt lessons and lived experiences, and become responsible citizens guided by spiritual and ethical values.


We aim to develop human beings who will help to create a better society and ultimately a better world. We strive to empower each student through the right blend of modern education, appropriate skills and deep-rooted spiritual values, with the help of which our students will develop to be curious and confident risk-takers with compassion towards life.


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