Supreme, a real place for teaching-learning activities and personality development, now known as a reputed and leading 10+2 school in sense of academic performance and personality development of students was established in 2058 B.S. (2001 A.D.), Madhyapur Thimi -6, Kamerotar. It succeed to produce the many nation builders & professionals in different service sectors and abroad as well.

Supreme always believes in its goal and achievement. It has been imparting quality education with affordable fees in management stream since 2066 B.S. (2009 A.D.). It is running under well infrastructure and facilities along with experienced faculty members. Supreme is committed to provide each of its students life time with competence that combines knowledge with the strength character. Due to this, we succeed to keep historical outstanding result in the National Examination Board (NEB) examination.

Supreme is a ‘Learning Community’ which encourages staff, students and past students to involve themselves fully in all aspects of college life and to identify themselves with its core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Co-opreation and Achievement. It offers high-quality care and exceptional education to the students by providing a stimulating, supportive, challenging, and integrated learning experience that sets a strong foundation.

Nowadays, it is chosen by many education professionals and also by students who want to achieve academic career in reality.


Our main goal is ‘Education For Creativitiy’. It believes in imparting quality education for career development and personality development of the students through advanced modern teaching and learning activities like project work, regular assessment, educational visit and practical approaches. If we unfold the history of Supreme Academy, there is outstanding result of NEB.


  • To impart quality education in affordable fees.
  • To make our students responsible and capable citizens who can cope with the challenges of the competitive world.
  •  To counsel for career development through academic excellence.
  • To grant practical and activity based education

Journey of Supreme Academy

We acknowledge that the overall credit to our focused and committed students, always endeavoring to achieve excellence and not to forget the expertise and experience that our teachers bring in, leading to the learning of international standard.

Supreme Academy is one of the leading institutions for excellent academic performance which is located in Madhyapur Thimi-6, Kamerotar, Bhaktapur. It believes in imparting quality education with affordable fees to develop the students career and personality. It has already proved that it is a real place of teaching and learning activities through or excellent result in NEB. It’s a platform for bright and hard working students to explore the journey of opportunities and career. Our students have got the scholarships and admission in reputed colleges in various universities all over the world. We acknowledge that the overall credit goes to our committed students for achieving excellence and not to forget the expertise and experience that our teachers bring in, leading to the learning of international standard. ‘Supreme Academy is a real platform of teaching-learning activities for personality development of each students which fully supports it’s valued students.


It’s a major part of teaching and learning activity for students and teachers. The college monitors whether the students have completed their home assignment or not from time to time during the academic year.

Two terminal exams will be conducted before the PreBoard Exam. The duration of this exam will be three hours in each subject. This exam is mandary for all students.

The students who have failed in any subjects, they need to appear in this exam. It is conducted as per needed.

Supreme Academy conducts various exams and follows different evaluation systems from time to time in the academic year to measure the students performance.


This exam will be held one month prior to NEB Examination. It’s compulsory for all the students.

Excellent Result in NEB

Supreme Academy has been imparting quality education with its unique foundation of learning at affordable fees. Every year it has an excellent result in NEB/HSEB with distinction and 100% successful result where the students are inspired to learn for innovation and exploration their ideas to develop their personality. They enjoy their learning in a friendly environment. It provides frequent individual counseling and guidance in their difficulties. All the students are given equal opportunities to grow themselves and the weak students are given well guidance and support whenever they need to pave their paths for better learning. The toppers are given scholarships in various categories so that they can achieve their goals. It has already proven to be one of the best schools in the nation with its excellent result. So, it is one of the best destinations for a complete management studies where the students enjoy their learning rather than bookish knowledge.


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