Scholars Home Boarding Secondary School

Scholars Home B School

SHBSS was established with a collective endeavor of reputed academicians and professionals who possess writing edge knowledge in their fields. The day and night effort of these scholars have led it to obtain 95% results in the board exam of NEB and SLC to SEE top. It has been trying its best to promote itself to more excellence. We have set different goals so as to sharpen the academic excellence that we have committed. Those goals include 1. Provide sound professional education to students in order to enable them to share the values and responsibilities in the leaning process. 2. Making students amenable to all sorts of challenging educational excellence. 3. Motivate students to strive for academic and professional excellence. 4.Foster students all-round development through both the curricular and extra-curricular activities. 5. Motivate students to achieve self-dependence and cultural harmony. SHBSS has always been looking forward to finding Nepal a successful and prosperous country, and it can be possible only when everyone makes productive attempts from their places. On its part, the institution makes every endeavor to make students realize that their major duties include sincere studies and that parents and guardians boost up their children for the same. We expect support from all to make Nepal a rich country academically; which in turn will certainly ensure a happy and harmonious life of all Nepalese people. 6.Highly successful in gaining recognition both at the national and international levels.


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