Samriddhi School

Samriddhi School

It is the aim of Samriddhi School to provide K-12 education that every student deserves. We, at Samriddhi School, appreciate diversity and realize that each student is different and should be treated as a unique individual. Our constant endeavour is to help each student realize his/her full potential and discover new horizons in learning.

We believe in bringing out the best in our students so that they can rise to the top ever empowered by a belief in unlimited human potential. At Samriddhi School, creativity is nurtured, with learners being treated as just learners, imbued with a passion for knowledge and discovery and not as rote machines. There are no boundaries for learning and we always encourage trying out new ideas. It’s a school for the 21st century where learning is fun and life-long.

Samriddhi School is committed to inspiring and motivating students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual development as well as personal growth, through a stimulating and comprehensive educational program.


We envision Samriddhi School as a dynamic and inspiring educational institution that sets an example for the student community. We are committed to providing an outstanding learning environment to our students, to enable them to excel and thrive in a complex, constantly changing world, getting more interconnected by the day.


The mission of Samriddhi School is to produce lifelong learners with a value system that turns them into good human beings. Honesty, integrity, and sincerity are values that form the strong foundation on which we build an educational offerings, culminating in academic and personal success of our students. To this end, we make use of the best educational practices, pedagogical excellence and a rich curriculum. Our sustained pursuit for educational excellence is premised around a model of engagement with the all the elements of a vibrant learning ecosystem comprising of students, parents, families, business houses, civic organizations, higher education institutions and the community at large.


Building quality lives and strong culture through…



  • Quality infrastructure to meet the challenging demands of the learning community
  • Healthy and hygienic environment
  • E-Learning facilities
  • Techno-savvy atmosphere with multimedia teaching technologies
  • Well rounded sport facilities with full time faculty/ coaches
  • Well stacked library and reading rooms
  • Audio-visual conference rooms
  • Spiritual and holistic education to bridge the gap between intellect and emotions.
  • Life skill education to enable the student to face potential challenges with complete self-confidence
  • Orientation programs for parents
  • Collaborative learning and project-based learning
  • Competent faculty, re-equipped with regular refresher training
  • Frequent visits of guest faculty from within Nepal and abroad
  • Interactive learning to develop communicative and social skills
  • Various club activities to develop the inherent and creative talents of the learners


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