Pashupati Secondary School

Pashupati Secondary School

Founded in 2051 BS, Pashupati Secondary School is a thriving academic center in Manikapur (Rajha) region that enables young learners to excel in their most-sought field of academia in order to cope with national and global challenges. The school encompasses around 1200 students, commencing from Nursery to grade twelve. Moreover, as many as 46 teaching and non-teaching staff members are vital key drivers of the institution’s historic attainments.

The school also features a less burdensome fee structure with a range of academic amenities. The results of this school are jaw-dropping and appealing for the students and parents for it always provides 100% results. It offers management programs both in grades eleven and twelve focusing on multi-media and IT-based classes. The school has been conducting its academic programs by utilizing the expertise of the experienced teaching faculty.


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