Orchid College

Orchid College

For more than two decades, Orchid College has educated and shaped the careers of thousands of students from almost all parts of Nepal. In 2074, Orchid continues with its pledge to students to provide quality education along with students supports services focusing on practical & global exposures.
A team of vastly qualified & experienced, professors, scientists, lecturers, and team leaders are the property of Orchid College, invested for the upliftment of scholars’ society. The golden history of achievement since 2054 will continue in the years ahead fed with our efforts, commitments & visions.

Top 10 Reasons for choosing Orchid
Orchid is a school that attracts the most talented students in a region via an application process.
Orchid as a Brand Name
Name matters a lot when it becomes a brand of its type. You can be proud of the certificates printed “Orchid” you carry throughout your life. It hasn’t become a brand overnight. This is due to the backup of 20 years of success stories.
Student Services
Student Services is the starting point for any questions students may have regarding courses of study.
Global Student
Orchid students are working on global companies worldwide and making a better future. We also have students from different districts of Nepal.
Academic Team
We understand that great teachers equal a great education. This is why Orchid seeks to employ committed, qualified, caring, and experienced lecturers and facilitators.
The present team of Orchid is an extra-ordinary gathering of the subject experts who believe on motivational teaching & learning. Please vide infra faculty list.
Our Results Speak!
Orchid is the only 10+2 college outside the valley that has secured Board First for two years. In Chitwan particularly, Orchid has maintained 1st position 15 times.
Our commitment is to remain No. 1 in all years.
Excursions / Visits / Social Programs
Every year we take grade-XII students to educational tour & XI students to an outing. Industry visits & social programs are our other common activities.
Team Orchid Management
The Orchid team is a group of far-sighted, experienced, and socio-academically prestigious personalities. Students can learn better in the global-standard academic environment. Parental care to the students is what Orchid Management has been trying to bestow. Regular interactions with parents/ guardians and frequent home visits are the other efforts from the admin team.
Teaching Quality
Teacher quality is one of the four key pillars of Orchid’s student-first approach to +2 level education.
Research & Development
Orchid aims to take some initiatives in strengthening the research-based studies. We prepare students to bring their talents out. Like many western countries’ universities, we hold different research-oriented presentations by research
scientists and experts.


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