Chanakya college of Management

Chanakya college of Management


Established in 2066 BS, Chanakya Secondary School/College is a premier innovative educational institution where the curiosity, creativity, and intellectual joy of students drive academic excellence.

Chanakya stands out from other institutions with its immense growth potential. It is a place where rigorous scholarship, complex problem-solving, and service to the public good are defined by intense collaboration, intellectual discovery, and working in ways that transcend traditional boundaries. We encourage the right of all individuals to express ideas and perspectives — and we embrace the value of vigorous debate in pursuit of knowledge.

Since the time of its inception, a team of dedicated professionals has constantly worked on delivering quality educational service to its students. Chanakya is a learning community created in the commitment of respect for the diversity of viewpoints that is fundamentally essential towards intellectual discovery. We are confident that the bond between young students and a group of expert faculty members and our flexible but rigorous approach to education will prepare students to be creative thinkers, intellectual risk-takers, and entrepreneurial problem-solvers. The campus with space of 20000sqft provides highly spacious and well-equipped classrooms along with all the basic amenities contributing to the richness of learning experience. We are also proud of our alumni who have been successful in creating a positive impact in Nepal as well as the global arena. Our primary objective is to provide excellent educational service to students from Montessori to twelfth grade. Currently, we offer Higher Secondary Courses (+2 level) in Management and Science (proposed), BBS, and MBS with its infrastructural facilities in an independent block. We aim to extend more University level programs in the future.

Our goal is to nurture the talents of each generation of Chanakya students, empowering graduates who will flourish and change the world for the better.

We welcome students, parents, and guardians to the Chanakya family.


The higher educational facilities are located at Shankhadhar Chowk, Madhyapur Thimi-4, Bhaktapur, and enjoys close proximity to six-lane Araniko Highway, making the school campus easily accessible.


Chanakya as an Institution gets its name from ancient India’s prime scholar “Chanakya” who lived during the third century BC. A royal advisor and jurist by profession, Chanakya have imbibed his milestone of knowledge and teachings in the field of jurisdiction, economics, political science, and philosophy, which are still relevant today. We, as educators, recognize him and his works as the epitome of guiding principles for broadening the scope of learning, wisdom, and skills required for overall development as a human.


Secondary Level two-year course provides basic knowledge about the facts and principles of Management Stream and also Science Stream (proposed). It will create a foundation for students aspiring to pursue a career in Management and Science. As Business Management is one of the most sought after disciplines at present, it prepares students to take up managerial responsibilities in all types of organizations by equipping them with essential skills to adapt and do their best.


The Management Curriculum developed under NEB is designed to prepare a strong foundation for the students undertaking Undergraduate and Graduate courses. The list of the programs provided at Chanakya secondary school,+2 levels are as follows:-

Grade XI

Compulsary subjects

1. Compulsary English – I
2. Compulsary Nepali – I
3. Social Studies – I

Elective Subjects

Option 1 (Any one)

Accountancy – I
Option 2 (Any one)

Business Studies – I
Computer Science – I
Option 3 (Any one)

Travel & Tourism – I

Economics – I

Option 4 (Any one)

Hotel Management – I
Business Math -I


Grade XII

Compulsary subjects

1. Compulsary English – II
2. Accountancy – II
3. Economics – II
Optional Subjects-I
(Any One)

Business Mathematics
Optional Subjects – II

(Any One)

Business Studies – II
Computer Science – II
Hotel Management – II
Travel & Tourism – II
Basic Mathematics – II
Elements of Finance – II



The admission procedure consists of an entrance examination conducted by the college followed by an interview. For entrance examination eligibility, the candidate must have passed SEE or equivalent examination from Nepal or foreign institution with minimum grades as quoted by the Ministry of Education in each subject. Once the application form is submitted, the candidate will have to appear for a regular entrance exam on a scheduled date. The entrance test comprises of questions related to Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge. After successful clearance of the entrance exam, the candidate will be required to appear for an interview conducted by the institution along with their parents or guardian. Students who have passed the entrance examination and interview are eligible for admission at Chanakya SS/College in +2 program, ie; grade XI.


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