Model Multiple College

Model Multiple Campus

Model Multiple College is established in 2055 B.S. The promising team of MMC consists of high level academicians, well known researchers, entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals in extensive prominent both at home and outside. The college has been running +2 Science with Computer, +2 Management with computer and +2 Education affiliated to NEB. Also the college has been conducting BBS (TU), MBS (TU),B.Ed one year (TU), B.Sc Microbiolgy/ Chemistry (TU), BCA (TU),  BBA (PU), MBA (PU), HA (CTEVT), LT (CTEVT)

The college is located at Janakpurdham, Ram Chowk in a peaceful surrounding occupying spacious area.

The very aim of the college is to prepare higher, middle and junior level human resources to meet the needs of business, industry and country in some extent. The MMC’s programs are focused to stimulate intellectual curiosity and scholarly interests so that they become proficient in their chosen field. It also aims to facilitate the students to work as proficient managers in most competitive business environment

We have seen that students of MMC, performing incredibly well on all the undergraduate and graduate programs with proper infrastructures, resources,trained and the motivated faculties, Model Multiple College provides the best learning environment.

The college is also determined to prepare the students so capable that they could meet the cutting-edge demands and challenging competitions like MBBS, BDS, Engineering,CA and so on forth. After completing their studies at MMC, the students will be able to work as executive in business, industry, government and non-government and so on. Therefore, the College has gained strong reputations in the +2, BBS(TU), B. Sc. Microbiology/Chemistry (TU), BCA (TU) MBS (TU),One year B.Ed. (TU), BBA (PU). MBA (PU) program because of its proper guidance, well academic discipline, and caring environment, complementary and supplementary facilities. With its long successful history, MMC has decided to develop the Institution as IT based academic organization under the new scholastic team of management to improve and design it in ever better shape.

I assure prospective students that they will obtain top class experience in their chosen academic area at MMC.

Vision and Mission

MMC is founded with the vision to make it and internationally reputed learning center for academic excellence in Science, Management and Education as well as higher degree programs are creating a scenario academic environment for the competent fqualitative, up-to-date education to the students and society.


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