United Technical College

United Technology College

United Technical College, College of Engineering, popularly known as (U-TEC), was established in 2008 (2065 BS) under private sector initiative. The foundation of U-TEC was instigated by a group of farsighted professionals and academicians who comprehended the need of a college for offering the technical education outside the valley. Mostly, the university level engineering education in private sector was concentrated in the capital only. Therefore, for reaching a wider section of Nepali youth outside the valley and making the quality technical education accessible and affordable to the poor and deprived youths in outer region, it was essential to establish technical colleges outside the capital, which U-TEC did by establishing the first private engineering college in Chitwan. Since its establishment, the youths from outside the valley region have taken  full advantage and are continually enrolling in different engineering disciplines offered by the college.  Since the establishment the college has produced six batches of undergraduate engineers so far in Civil Engineering and three in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

The  facility at U-TEC  is  located in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Ward  No.-11, Bhojad, U-TEC Chowk, Chitwan. It has physical and institutional resources built on 20 Ropanies (1.0 ha) of land. These resources essentially cateres to the academic needs in the bachelor level programs. The full-time Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree offered by U-TEC, affiliated to Pokhara University, builds skill, expertise, and knowledge among its graduates in the area of higher technology and design. The industry driven project works, research and development and learning outlined by the university is followed strictly to enhance the academic quality. So, UTEC provides unconditional opportunities for graduates to pursue engineering education with passion and confidence.

In addition to above, U-TEC has gained opportunity in achieving its centre of excellence in education as  Pokhara University granted affiliation from, March 2018, (i.e. Falgun 2074 BS) for running graduate course leading to M.Sc. (Master of Science) degree in Construction Management (CM) at the same facility. Presently,  third batch of graduate students in CM are enrolled and courses are running  smoothly.


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