Uniglobe College

Uniglobe College

Founded in 2009 in affiliation with Pokhara University, Uniglobe, the best management college in Nepal is dedicated to creating and sharing transformative ideas across the management education. Uniglobe College runs an MBA, MBA (Finance), BBA, BBA-BI. Uniglobe College is located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Uniglobe College – BBA and BBA-BI programs are four- year semester system programs and their primary aim is to prepare middle-level managers to meet the needs of business, industry, government and non-government organizations in different functional areas of management.

The Uniglobe College – MBA and MBA (Finance) programs are two-year trimester based aiming to prepare managers and executives who have a sound knowledge and practice as per the need of organizations in the area of business, government, non-government and other industries as well as business enterprises. Uniglobe, the top-ranked college has the vision to enlarge it as an internationally renowned and excellent management learning centre in Nepal. The promoting team members of Uniglobe, the best management school are academically sound and they have proven track records of success in education entrepreneurship in Nepal.


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