Sudur Paschimanchal Academy

Sudur Paschimanchal Academy

Sudur Pashchimanchal Academy, established with a nobel aim of imparting education par excellence, is one of the most sucessful leading college in the province. Since its establishment, the college has gained public attention with meritorious results and exemplary social initiatives. It is the result of marvelously acclaimed achivements of this institution that only in one and half decade of its conception; its has sucessfully established new parameters of opportunities in education and social activities in the province. Recently the institution has sucessfully established bilateral relations for students exchange with KNU (Kangwon National University), Korea and recently an SPA graduate has been awarded with an honorific sholarship to further her studies in korea. Education has became something more than possessing a couple of certificate with a university or a board seal on. Realizing this fact team SPA keeps seeking newer Horizons of learning oppurtunities with convenient location, dedicated faculties and staff. With a hope to bring a brighter tomorrow, SPA is always ready to join hands with the prospective young generation in order to achieve life changing academic goals through collective endeavours of the teachers, students and the college family.


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