Ritz College of Engineering and Management

Ritz College Of Engineering And Management

Established in 2009, under Milestone Network, the college span across the area of 12 acres of land area in the Balkumari, Lalitpur area in a peaceful environment. We are Nepal’s first college to introduce three different under graduate programs (BBA, BHM & B.E) under one roof. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified College, operating educational programs under Pokhara University (PU).

Ritz College of Engineering and Management has produced graduates of the highest caliber who are able to work at every level of management within the engineering, hospitality and management sector.

Ritz is proud of the exceptional alumni outcomes. We are the only college in Nepal who has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with banking & financial institutions, food & hospitality industries and engineering companies.

We represent excellent and outstanding education in Nepal. Our unique undergraduate programs prepare every student for a stable career. We also equip them with every necessary business acumen to work with professionals outside the industry. The balance of real industry training and theory provides graduate, a genuine advantage while competing for future employment opportunities.

What qualities (Q) can a graduate expect from Ritz College of Engineering and Management?

  •  Attainment of methodical, systematic, coherent and in-depth knowledge related to management, hospitality and engineering industry, along with their underlying principles and concepts associated with the industry.
  •   An overall appreciation of the environmental, cultural and social contexts, of the industry.
  •  Thorough knowledge of the operation and development of the issues and its significance to both community, industry including sustainability.
  •  Capacity to collaborate, relate, exchange views and ideas through networking, teamwork, conflict resolution and negotiation.
  •  Ability to grasp and communicate the subject matter effectively and appropriately in the context of literacy, numeracy, communication, and, technology skills.
  •  Aptitude to evaluate, research, and execute the ideas broadly.
  •  Effectively identify, formulate and solve problems to generate ideas, and demonstrate a fullaer capacity for initiative, judgment, entrepreneurial thinking.
  •  A stronger commitment to self-directed learning and intellectual formation.
  •  Determination to the concept of punctuality, professionalism, rigorousness, and excellence.

Ritz brings in a modern career-centric approach to higher education. Our only aim is to provide graduates with a globally oriented skillset, making them a valuable commodity. Therefore, we ensure students more than a graduate degree. The courses and degrees offered by us are delivered through prestigious faculty with strong linkage to the subject-matter.


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