Platinum Management College

Platinium Management College

Platinum Management College affiliated to Pokhara University was established in 2009, offers education at an affordable cost. The college is situated in the central location of Kathmandu, Nepal. In current context, Pokhara University is one of the most preferred Universities of Nepal, which offers wide range of programs related with Management, Engineering, Health Sciences etc, and is also highly acknowledged by the universities abroad. Pokhara Universities Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs, offered by Platinum Management College has well crafted curriculum to match global standards.

Platinum Management College is managed by a group of professionals, academicians and educationists at the helms and has been undergoing continuous and timely restructuring and reengineering in the quality system process. College aims to prepare students for prosperous careers and life envisioned learning. We are in a mission to provide our students with best possible learning experience by nurturing their personal growth at very supportive and friendly environment. We believe in learning continues beyond the classroom walls, which is supported by the facts of organization of numerous extracurricular and  co-curricular activities. Hence, our students through experience of excellence in academic and personal front are groomed as globally competitive citizen.

College infrastructure

Platinum Management College has two different separate buildings and other infrastructure for BBA and BHM programs with fully equipped kitchen, restaurant, mock-up room for BHM Practical as well as computer lab and library with sufficient contents for the students. College also has free Wi-Fi facilities for students.

Why Platinum?

Platinum Management College is one of the leading management and hospitality colleges in Kathmandu affiliated to Pokhara University. We are blend of experts in the field of hospitality and management; we are continuously striving to provide high quality education and world class professional training in the field of hospitality and management. We believe that success is all about taking the right steps and that dream can always be achieved. If you are ready to raise professional career and explore a world of opportunity, chase your dream to platinum.


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