Pinnacle Academy

Pinnacle Academy

Pinnacle Academy/SS College is located close to Patan Hospital and Lagankhel Bus Park, the heart of Lalitpur metropolitan city which is easily accessible by both local as well as suburban. It was established in 1998 AD with the ethos of discipline and academic excellence.


It was inaugurated under the guidance of HSEB, now it is upgraded as National Examination Board(NEB). Pinnacle has flourished over the years and has succeeded in imparting education par excellence. Students enjoyed board top results many times since its inception. This institution considers the changing requirements of society as well as the needs of the students. The school has maintained a secured ranking as one of the highest ranking schools in Nepal. It is regarded as one of the highly trusted plus two colleges in Nepal with the core value of moral responsibility of the society.


Pinnacle offers varieties of subject areas where SEE graduates can enjoy wide range of subjects in different disciplines: Science, Management, Humanities and Law in grade XI and XII. Pinnacle follows the designed curriculum as well as its own training courses for young graduates. Science students can enjoy research and career leading course along with the prescribed academic text books. And management students can enjoy job oriented hotel management training, banking and leadership as well as graphic designing courses. The main aim is to offer an outstanding academic education to inspire the students to excel. The aim of pinnacle has been able to achieve many times in the history.

Extracurricular Activities:

Apart from the teaching –learning activities and skill enhancement training, Pinnacle offers different sporting activities in general and football and athletics in particular. The institution organizes basketball, tennis and badminton completions regularly. The college encourages and motivates students by hunting their unique talents and launching different events throughout the academic year.


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