Nepal Kasthamandap SS/College

Nepal KAsthamandap School / College

Nepal Kasthamandap SS/College is a natural outcome of institutional expansion of education system, promoted by highly experienced, distinguished, dynamic professionals, teachers’ group, bankers, entrepreneurs, industrialists united from different acclaimed colleges of Kathmandu valley, renowned banks and popular industries of Nepal. Unveiling the truth, it is a common platform for nourishing creative potentials who will obviously strive hard in order to get unchallenged reputation. As Kasthamandap is the aftermath of experience, knowledge and need of society, it  is well-acquainted with the students’ expectations and emerging desideratum. Therefore, the college is committed to harness the capable students who are morally and spiritually responsible for the society and the world. Additionally, the college is dedicated to maintain an academic environment with the help of eminent faculties embellished with enough cognizance and moral scrupulousness. So, the life of students here will be fun-filled, academically vibrant yet creative and blossoming along with clairvoyant vision and new age competence.

Kasthamandap is affiliated to National Examinations Board (NEB), for the +2 courses, Tribhuwan University (TU) for the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Master in Business Studies (MBS).

Due to aforementioned spectacular features, the college turns to be a genuinely ideal centre of education characterized by stimulating and congenial milieu so as to gear up and strengthen students’ potentialities.

The College is located at Kalanki, Kathmandu in a highly convenient and serene location connected by reliable and more frequent public transport system of Kathmandu. It is at the 100 meters distance from the Kalanki Chowk towards Kalanki-Swoyambhu route which is obviously aloof from the din and bustles of city and situated in an atmosphere of solitude and tranquility. Unquestionably, the location is the hub of city as it has nexus of transportation, communication and availability of all forms of modern facilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to materialize the vision and also to provide quality education through trainings, research and need-based genuine councellings in order to shape students’ potentials and help them develop ample confidence to confront with challenges and opportunities.

Our Vision

We have a clear vision to fly the flag of Kasthamandap on the top of Mt. Everest introducing it is the most trustworthy, big and innovative network in the country for educational prosperity. We aim at linking with the national and foreign collaborations in order to upgrade and impart new age education. In the future, we are going to run BHM and BBM programs as well. .


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