National College

National College

We believe that the purpose of our education is to enable our students to think creatively and develop tactful capacity for better life. We at the National College (NC) have realized that academic programs would be most productive when the curricular activities are well supported with research and practical activities. At National College we offer three unique academic programs affiliated to Kathmandu University. Namely Bachelor in Development Studies, Bachelor in Development Finance and Bachelor of Social Sciences.

We have observed that during their studies, our students have been able to produce a wide range of opportunities for further research, entrepreneurship and economic development through regular field works, project works, workshops, trainings, and seminars.

We realize that the development challenges are very stiff in today’s world.

Traditional resources, conventional thinking and old technology will not be sufficient to meet the complex challenges of today. We need to explore new resources, come up with new and innovative ideas, and modernize technology to accelerate the pace of economic development.


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