Nast College

Nast College

National Academy of Science and Technology, Popularly known as NAST, is an english medium co-educational institution. patroned and promoted by a team of academicians, researchers and professionals renowned both at home and abroad, NAST has proved itself as a centre of learning for academic excellence in the field of science-technology and management. it has been offering  probably best facilities and greater opportunities to unexplored talents and economically less income  groupd especially  in province no 7 of the country. We feel pleasure to  state that we have been pioneering  engineering  education in the Country’s Western region. since its inception in 2057 B.S. (2000 A.D.) as  the first and only engineering college in the midwest  and farwest region, we initially started Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer) under affiliation of Pokhara Unicersity. The marcellour response of the potential students and entire community encouraged us to extend further courses. Appreciating  the need of the province we started another technical program Bechelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil)  in 2010 A.D. further, NAST is committed to quality  education by producing highly qualified and potential human capital that can easily acclimatize to the national and international academic and professional horizon with honour and appreciation.


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