Jaya Multiple Campus

Jaya Multiple Campus

Jaya Multiple Campus (JMC) established with the aim of providing quality education, by the academic enthusiasts in 2064 BS, is an extension to Manakamana secondary school Dakshindhoka, Jorpati. After the tremendous success in the past three decades in secondary level, the school initiated to establish a campus of its own with distinct features. The serene and beautiful location with spacious area of the campus has contributed to the best academic environment for the students as well as teachers. The campus is purely a non-profit co-educational institution which has adopted a policy to provide secondary, Bachelor and Master level education at moderate expense with the aim to cover every socio-economic class student in and around the community. It has even offered numerous scholarship programmers for the needy and deserving student each year. We assure you that your prudent decision will never go in vain at JMC since we never compromise in quality education. We have a very long history and background in the academic sector. We are highly motivated by the institutional norms and values that could ensure to obtain the core objectives of the institution. Vision We deliver outstanding academic programs in our college in different streams; enabling students to transform their lives and shape their own future. We prepare our students to be professional, skilled individuals be-fitted for the modern world, committed to lifelong learning and able to contribute to the communities in which they live and work. We place a high value on developing a mature approach to learning in which students are encouraged to challenge conventional wisdom, handle complexity and benefit from difference and diversity. We maintain consistently high standards across all areas of study. We aim to contribute to society through the pursuit of education at the highest level of excellence. Aims To impart quality education to the students. To help the students explore the solution to the difficulties themselves. To increase confidence and the power of reasoning. To encourage the sense of self-discipline, selfreliance and self-motivation. To develop outstanding personality enabling themselves to recognize the norms and values of humble life. To create awareness and sense of responsibility so as to make them understand the duty of a decent citizen. To foster 5Cs- Character, Commitment, Conviction, Courtesy and Courage. To mature to cope with the scientific challenges and to keep up to date with all the changes. To build up the sense of co-operation and tolerance among the students to run more practical classes. To develop a multipurpose institution of fully fledged and standard education. To cater education in reasonable fee structure or affordable education. To conduct research work with the co-operation and co-ordination of different national and foreign institutions. To manage classes according to the need, interest, ability and aptitude of the students. To conduct different extra-curricular activities to boost up their academic excellence. To find the innate capability of the students by providing congenial atmosphere. To mould competitive, qualified and skilled citizens having the abundance of intellectual and vocational insight and skill.

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