IST College

IST College

International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (IST) was established in the year 2004 with an aim to provide the internationally recognized hospitality education. IST has been offering various courses from National Examination Board (NEB) 10+2 Level to a European Bachelor in Hospitality Management (Hons.) which is a 3 years degree. The courses offered are approved by Ministry of Education of Nepal Government. 

It is the first hotel management college in Nepal to receive a QAA Certification from UGC which is the quality accreditation body of Nepal Government.The courses are designed to provide customized and fast track options to students with maximum flexibility and opportunity for progression either for further studies or for career in hospitality industry. The successful graduate can pursue Master’s Degree in Nepal or in countries like Austria, Australia, UK, USA and many more.

IST is also a suffix, which means a person with deep knowledge, practical exposure and appropriate attitude in the particular field. Hence, IST aims to add “ist” to its students and prepares professional to become leading managers in various hospitality outlets. So in this quest IST aims at developing practical, ethical and excellent communication skills of the student by providing each of them with the pathway for a successful career. Emphasis is given not only on the academic knowhow but also on the personality development of the student. Therefore the outcome is special due to the holistic approach by providing maximum practical classes and internship opportunity. This will support the students to understand the industry in better way. 

At IST, apart from the specified course the students learn about the basic life skills such as positive attitude, impeccable grooming, and open mindedness. These vital components have a long lasting effect on young professional’s mind and behavior. The view that skills could be learnt at any juncture of life but positive attitude is extremely important is well developed among all IST graduates. 

The infrastructure of this institution meets the requirement of the course. Facilities like Spacious Classrooms, PMS Lab, Well-designed Demo Restaurant and Bar, Fully equipped Practical Kitchen, Training Reception, Practical Bar, Resourceful Library, Internet accessed Computer Lab , Mock-up rooms, Multipurpose Hall, Indore Cafeteria and Transportation are available.

The team IST is always committed to provide a conducive environment for the learners because it will nurture and develop young minds into capable and highly motivated human resources – which is the need of the industry. The faculties are always working towards creating an opportunity for the students to capitalize their full potential, bringing the best out of them and to prepare them not only to face the challenges in life but also to excel in any sector.  Hard work, perseverance, dedication and discipline are the mantras that are being instilled to the students in the regular manner. 

IST not only provides on campus educational facility but also provides an excellent platform for its students through well-crafted internship opportunity in five start deluxe properties in countries like Maldives, China, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Nepal and many more. This international internship provides the students with the overview of the world hospitality trend, the latest innovation and about tradition and culture of different nationality which facilitate them to adjust in any situation. With the focus on academic knowledge, practical know how, disciplinary aspect of the students IST has been able to instill the “service orientation” in the students’ mind which has become the positive feature of IST Graduates who are progressing and leading in many hospitalities related outlets like hotels, airlines, cruise, educational institutions, around the globe.

IST has already conducted its 13th Convocation Ceremony which had been graced by then Rt. Hon’ble Vice President, Rt. Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Minister for Education, Chief of University Grants Commission and Vice Chancellors of Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu University and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria.

Apart from regular educational programs, IST has been deeply involved in Corporate Social Responsibility where IST has already organized training programs for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of the tourism industry of Nepal. It also publishes a tourism educational journal “THE GAZE” which is the first of its kind in Nepal. Likewise, to make its students a responsible citizen IST has been organizing various events such as Blood Donation Program in collaboration with the Blood Bank, event for Orphan Children of Bal Mandir, event for Old Age Home (NisahayaSewaSadan) are just to name a few every year.

Despite of this holistic approach to its quality education, the investment made by students is very affordable in comparison with national and international degrees available in the Nepalese scenario.

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